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Last week, the bitter feud between Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider got worse.

Jackie brought up Teresa’s experience of going to prison, escalating tensions even further.

This week, that conflict led to an explosion between brother and sister as Joe confronted Tre.

But ultimately, Teresa finally, finally offered Jackie a real apology.

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Teresa stormed off in a huff after Jackie’s jab.

Jackie lamented how the moment that she clapped back, Teresa left, citing the hypocrisy of it all.

Meanwhile, her dining companions acknowledged that Jackie had been cordial, while Teresa was confrontational.

Joe Gorga Talks to the Door
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Joe Gorga had followed his sister into the house, but it wasn’t out of sympathy.

He noted how Tre never defended him when her own husband was dragging his name through the mud.

"I’m over it," Joe announced of his sister’s expectation that he’s always on her side without reservation.

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Everyone apologized to Dolores, assuring her that the food was amazing as they packed up.

Of course, Jackie was still fuming over how Margaret’s husband had reported having heard the same rumor that Tre had.

"Your husband’s an asshole," she announced to Margaret — who had, by the way, not been the one to bring that up.

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This led to an obvious explosion, with Margaret and her husband assuring Jackie that they had only defended her.

Somehow, Jackie was bewildered by this, wondering "Why the f–k is everyone yelling at me? What did I do?"

The answer, of course, was falsely accuse Margaret’s husband of spreading a rumor and also be weirdly confrontational about it.

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Melissa offered comfort to Margaret, who was tearfully packing her things.

She enticed Margaret to take pity upon Jackie, who was clearly a mess and frankly too distraught over this whole thing to understand how hostile she was being.

(And again, all of the husbands, including Margaret’s, affirmed that they did not believe the cheating rumor)

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Finally, Jackie was convinced, and embraced Margaret’s husband while crying.

Dolores was aghast at the entire ridiculous situation.

These are all grown adults with jobs and families acting like drunk, overstressed college students. It’s a lot.

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Teresa had been slithering back into things, but her target wasn’t Jackie — it was Joe.

She challenged him, asking: "So you don’t f–king stick up for your sister?"

"You and Melissa should have [eaten] her alive after she said that about the whole jail thing," Teresa accused.

Teresa Giudice Takes a Seat as Asked
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"Would you sit down? You’re wrong," Joe told Teresa with resignation.

"Not one person said to Jackie, ‘that’s f–ked up,’" Teresa complained.

But this confrontation turned explosive when Melissa entered the fray.

Melissa Gorga Cannot Believe This
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"Wait a second — what are you going to say now?" Melissa exclaimed.

She asked: "I should have stuck up for you when she said you should be in jail?"

"Really? because all of a sudden you’re a weak bitch who can’t defend herself?" Melissa demanded.

Melissa Gorga Looms Over Teresa Giudice
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"Because you just f–king stuck up for your ex-husband when we were defending you," Melissa recalled angrily.

"What the f–k is wrong with you? You’re a sick f–king bitch," Melissa accused.

This was when she dramatically overturned a cheese platter, tragically wasting countless innocent cheese cubes.

Melissa Gorga Overturns a Cheese Platter
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"I’ve defended you too many f–king times; defend us against your ex-husband!" Melissa raged. 

"Stop — could you just listen?" Joe pleaded with Teresa.. "This is why she’s upset."

He explained: "because I always fight for you and then when we’re together you knock on us. That’s why she’s mad."

Teresa Giudice Faces Melissa Gorga
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"I just said he did the right thing," Teresa countered, still defending her ex.

She emphasized: "I wanted you to be happy that he did the right thing." 

"I’m mad at the son of a bitch for what he did to you!" Joe countered. "He ruined everything and he put you in jail." 

Joe Gorga Blows Up
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Fortunately, Teresa did eventually listen to reason when it came to Jackie.

"Listen, Jackie, I didn’t like the way things went down yesterday," she told her.

"And you know, I’m not trying to hurt you in any way, you or your family," Teresa emphasized.

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Teresa then asked: "So just, can we just drop everything?"

"I would like that, I just want it to all be done," Jackie answered.

She then admonished Teresa with a condition: "But do not bring up my husband anymore." 

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"It’s dropped, I’m never gonna bring it up again," Teresa vowed. 

"My brother asked me to make it right, so I did," she then explained to the cameras. Finally.

But when it came to apologizing to Jackie’s husband, Teresa was much less eager.

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"I just feel uncomfortable speaking to Evan about any of this," Teresa shared.

"I guess where I come from like the wife usually makes it right with the husband," she said.

Teresa is from Paterson, New Jersey, not another planet. Humans talk to each other in Paterson, I’m 80% sure.

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"I’m kind of old school that way," Teresa said, "but I guess they have a different kind of marriage." 

Jackie’s husband arrived, though, and Teresa made good … or close enough.

"I’m happy you’re here," Teresa told Evan."Sorry about like, you know, like everything that went down."

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Teresa continued: "And I never want to do anything to hurt you guys in any way." 

"Honestly, that was one of the weakest apologies, I’ve ever seen," Margaret acknowledged to the camera.

"But coming from Teresa," she noted, "it was a freaking miracle."