Mackenzie Standifer on Instagram: Maci Bookout Is Such a B--ch!

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It's been over a month since Maci Bookout got Ryan Edwards and his family fired from Teen Mom OG.

That's about as decisive a victory as you'll ever see in a feud between reality stars, but it seems the war is still far from over.

On Tuesday, the Edwards clan will appear on camera for what could be the final time as they make their case to viewers during part one of the TMOG reunion special.

Ryan Edwards and Family Photo

While the first episode won't air until tonight, we already know that things got heated between Maci and the Edwards clan.

In fact, production sources have indicated that Taylor McKinney and Larry Edwards nearly came to blows on set.

Should make for good viewing!

Ryan Edwards' Parents

Anyway, it seems you don't have to wait until primetime to see the Edwards clan taking shots at Maci.

No, you can just log onto Instagram and bear witness to the many indications of lingering animosity.

The back and forth seems to have started with a meme in which Maci offered some advice to her followers.

Ryan Edwards Teen Mom Photo

"Outgrow your own bulls--t," the meme read.

"If every. damn. body. doesn't need to see this, then I'll happily soak this one up all on my own!" Bookout captioned the post.

Many assumed that Maci was addressing Ryan and Mackenzie with the post, and she has yet to correct that assumption.

Maci and Mackenzie

Rather than firing back explicitly, however, Mack also chose to make her voice heard in meme form.

But her approach was even more passive-aggressive than Mackenzie's, as she merely commented on a meme posted by someone else.

A fan posted the image below that shows Ryan hugging a tiger above a caption reading, "That b--ch, Maci Bookout."

Mackenzie Meme

The meme is a take on Joe Exotic's "that b--ch, Carole Baskin" from Netflix's wildly popular Tiger King docu-series.

The joke has been done to death at this point, but as you can see from her comment, Mackenzie really, really got a kick out of the gag.

She commented with about one million "ha"s and she even tagged Ryan.

Ryan and Mackenzie in 2021

The weird thing about this situation is that the meme appears to have been making fun of Ryan, but either Mack didn't realize, or she thought it was funny in spite of the jab at her husband.

Whatever the case, she experienced an abrupt change of heart.

Mackenzie's comment was deleted just minutes after it went live.

Mackenzie Standifer on MTV

Perhaps Ryan encouraged her to take it down, or maybe she didn't think it was prudent to publicly take so much joy in a meme that refers to Maci as a "b--ch."

In any event, incidents like this one remind us that the rivalry between the Edwards and Bookout-McKinney clans won't be subsiding anytime soon.

It would make for compelling television, were it not for the fact that Teen Mom OG producers have decided to give Ryan and company the boot.

Oh, well -- all the more reason to savor the Edwards clan's final appearances on the show that made them famous!

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