Lisa Rinna: Scott Disick is Too Friggin Old to Date Amelia!

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This week, fans got their first look at The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11.

We saw an exciting new castmember, fights for Sutton, and Erika's waking nightmare.

But fans could not help but notice Amelia's guest spot with her mom on the trailer.

When Kyle points out that Scott Disick is way too old for the 19-year-old, Lisa agrees.


So much went on in the RHOBH Season 11 trailer that you could almost forget about this moment.

Almost, but not quite.

It's not every day that a Housewife's daughter's love life makes it into the trailer.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 Card

The reason that Amelia's love life became part of the trailer is twofold.

First, Amelia Gray Hamlin is a gorgeous 19-year-old model who's been on the show before.

She's interesting and she is wildly hot -- both of those make for great television.

Scott and Amelia Are Dating

Then, of course, there is the Scott factor.

A member of the Kardashian family (and he always will be, through his three kids) dating is always interesting.

Scott's continual insistence upon dating models who are half his age and pretending like it's normal? Must-see TV.

Amelia Hamlin says - I'm going with my friend, Scott

Which is why we see this FaceTime conversation go down in the trailer.

Through her mother's phone, Amelia tells Lisa Rinna about her plans.

"I'm going with my friend, Scott," she says ... with the "friend" title being less than convincing.

Lisa Rinna hears - I'm going with my friend, Scott

No, Lisa doesn't look like she's buying what Amelia is pushing on her.

Whether Amelia dropped "friend" for her mom, the cameras, or to convince herself ... who can say?

But clearly, Lisa decided to comment on it to her castmates.

Lisa Rinna Stares at Her Phone Dubiously

With other ladies watching, Kyle Richards comments.

"He’s too damn old," Kyle declares.

"And," she reminds everyone, "he’s got three kids."

Kyle Richards Roasts the Old Creep

(Sutton so often looks horrified but maybe that's just her resting facial expression)

"I know!" Lisa RInna then announces. 

Scott is 37 years old. Amelia is 19.

Lisa Rinna Agrees Loudly

In fact, if we do that math, Scott is 18 years older than Amelia.

Scott's son, Mason, is 11 -- only 7 years younger than Amelia.

We're not saying that Amelia's dating the wrong Disick, just that the math is a little upsetting.

Kyle Richards Raises Her Glass

Lisa was actually pretty quiet about the grown father of three boning her teenage daughter on the reg.

It was only last week, on April 6, that Lisa shared a pic of Scott wearing a similar hat accessory to her own.

"We both seem to share a love of bucket hats," she observed.


It's funny, though, because Amelia once took a very different attitude when talking to her older sister, Delilah.

In 2016, when Delilah was 18 and Amelia would have been all of 15, it was Delilah who spoke of dating older men.

Amelia, at the time, called out her sister for wanting to date grown-ass men in their 30s.

Amelia Hamlin Slowly Puts on a Sweater

Clearly, a lot has changed, because now it's Amelia dating an old creep.

But while it's unfathomable to many 19-year-olds (when I was 19, 25 sounded decrepid), being attracted to someone older can be normal.

It's someone as old as Scott making the decision to not merely fancy or bone, but actively date, that is raising eyebrows.


Two adults, provided that there's no screwed up grooming or power imbalance behind it, are free to bone no matter their ages.

But dating, building a real relationship, is very different.

No matter how immature Scott may be, it's hard to see him and Amelia actually having enough in common to date as equal partners.

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