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The Real Housewives of Atlanta may be over for 2021.

But the drama between Drew Sidora and LaToya Ali? The tension? The ugliness of their feud?

It’s only just beginning, folks.

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On Sunday night’s finale, Sidora and Ali nearly came to legitimate blows after the former once again accused the latter of having a relationship with Prophet Anthony Lott.

(As a refresher: Both Prophet Lott, who is single, and Ali, who is in the process of getting a divorce, denied Drew’s accusation during last week’s installment.)

This time around, the confrontation took place at Cynthia Bailey’s white elephant "Friendsmas" holiday party at her Lake Bailey residence… where each cast memberr and officialy Friend was asked to bring a gift not exceeding $1,000 in value.

(Yes, $1,000. For the average person, these kinds of gatherings come with a limit of, like, $25.)

Just ahead of the shindig, LaToya texted Cynthia Baily and said she would NOT be attending due to the ongoing drama.

"I just got a text from LaToya saying, ‘I’m not coming. I don’t want the drama. I’m over it,’" Cynthia read aloud to almost everyone.

Cut to the get-together and the women eating dinner together and then moving to the sofa to play the game.

After each ladies opened their extremely expensive gifts, Kenya Moore opened the final present, which was Drew’s trio of boxes.

Unlike the other lavish items, Kenya unwrapped three packages, inside of which were: a tape recording, a $100 donation to the Humane Society and Drew’s infamous wig.

What the what now?!?

"This is actually the hair that Kenya was obsessed with, and LaToya," Sidora told the group, holding up the wig that LaToya previously criticized.

From there, Porsha Williams asked if Drew was "still going to give the $1,000 gift though, right?" promptined Drew to reply:

"That was $1,000, those bundles."

"It’s a gag gift. Let’s laugh about it and you got bundles. I spent my $1,000, so I followed the rules," Drew explained in a confessional.

The time then came for the tape recording to be played; it was allegedly of Prophet Lott speaking with Drew’s assistant, Danny, about Ali.

"So, everybody’s been talking about this whole prophet situation and literally God dropped this in my lap. My assistant Danny gave it to me. Danny was really hurt that Prophet Lott was not telling the truth and this was a conversation that they had," Drew told the women.

"I just want y’all to sit back and listen, because I do not lie."

On the recording, Danny allegedly asked the following of Prophet Lott: "What is the relationship with Toya?"

"Do I like her? I really do like her," Prophet Lott allegedly replied.

"She’s an awesome person. But I know the situation ’cause I’ve been there. I met my 3-year-old’s mom while I was still technically married."

Cue Drew turning to those gathered and saying:

"He admits to liking LaToya, and he admits that when he was married, he started to date his baby’s mother."

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Kandi Burruss, however, stood up for Lott and Ali, saying nothing was happening between them and Drew wasn’t even trying to uncover any kind of truth. She was just stirring $hit up.

The doorbell then rang and in walked LaToya, who appeared to give a hug to everyone but Drew.

Kenya proceeded to tell Ali thatn prior to her arrival, Drew "just tried to present some stupid recording of a prophet talking about you."

"The truth will go forth. LaToya has issues and things going on, and we have had a lot of drama that she has brought into my life," Sidora said to the women.

LaToya didn’t want to hear it, however.

"Drew, shut up," she snapped at Drew, who replied by telling her castmate: "Something is wrong with you."

"You weren’t looking for God!" Drew continued. "You were looking for some d—. You was looking for prophet d—."

"And your man looking for some new p—-, ’cause yours is dried up," Ali fired back in amazing fashion.

LaToya later grabbed the wig Drew had brought as a gift and threw it at her costar.

Immediately, Drew jumped up off the couch and started moving towards LaToya before two men, who appeared to be members of production, intervened.

With that, the party — and the season — came to an end.

"You will not put hands on me and you will not throw things at me," Drew said in a confessional. "She is an animal and she needs to be tamed."