Larissa Lima Getting Very Own 90 Day Fiance Spinoff: Go Biggie Or Go Home!

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Larissa Lima's trolls are constantly telling her to "go home," even though she is home.

It sounds like that may be part of what gave 90 Day Fiance this biggie idea.

Larissa is back with the franchise for her very own spinoff streaming on Discovery Plus.

Plus, check out the end of this post for an important update on this story!

Larissa Lima Wears Pink on YouTube

On Thursday, April 1, TLC made an exciting announcement for Larissa Lima's legions of fans.

The latest of the bajillion spinoffs in the 90 Day Fiance franchise will be all about her.

And it turns out that the title is a bit of a pun.

Larissa Lima Gets All In Your Face

Larissa: Go Biggie Or Go Home is one hell of a name.

But, like The Family Chantel before it, the name is a reference to some quirks of Larissa's speech.

As a Brazilian, she adds an -ee sound to the ends of some words, and thus says "biggie."

Larissa Lima in a Neon V-Shaped Outfit

The "or go home" part is a grim reference to Larissa's long-running immigration battle.

But while go big or go home is a common saying, "Go Biggie" is a reference to Larissa's pet project.

Namely, it refers to massive breast implants that she received over the course of two rounds of cosmetic surgeries.

Eric Nichols Kisses Larissa Lima Before Treatment

So yes, we're going to see more of Larissa's surgical adventures.

Not all of her cosmetic work has involved going under the knife, so there may be some less dramatic work, like fillers.

Larissa is happy to walk fans through what she gets -- to educate them, but also to receive a hefty discount for promoting it.

Larissa Lima Wears Almost Nothing on Instagram

But we're also going to see the dramatic ins and outs of Larissa's tumultuous relationship with Eric Nichols.

As we recently reported, Larissa and Eric seem to be engaged despite having broken up just one month earlier.

These two have a lot of love and a lot of drama, and will always be entertaining in scenes together.

Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols for Valentine's Day 2021

The show is also expected to document Larissa's efforts to fit in now that she is living in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

She moved there with Eric about half a year ago, and it's a very different environment than what she knew in Vegas.

Larissa has only shared tidbits about how she is fitting in ... so it will be nothing short of amazing to watch this play out.

Larissa Lima Says Who Is Against the Queen Will DIE!

Larissa: Go Biggie Or Go Home has not announced its premiere date yet.

However, it may have only begun to film recently.

As we noted in earlier reporting, Larissa abruptly stopped updating her YouTube channel in early March.

Larissa Lima Stuns in Hunter Green Bikini Top

That could mean that she simply signed a new contract at that time.

She wouldn't be able to explain why -- being under NDA.

And she also wouldn't be able to continue to "tell all" on her channel while signed for her own spinoff.

Larissa Lima in a Neon V-Shaped Outfit

Some fans are already expressing pure, unadulterated astonishment.

Infamously, late last summer, Larissa was fired by TLC -- because her CamSoda livestream violated her contract.

Sex work is stigmatized, persecuted, and even criminalized in the US. It is a heartbreaking reason for someone to lose their job.

Larissa Lima, Eric Nichols, and a U-Haul

However, as numerous fans have noted, Larissa is far from the only sex worker in the franchise.

More and more stars have turned to OnlyFans to monetize their fame in way that TLC's lowball paychecks to 90 Day Fiance stars never could.

Some just post artistic risque portraits. Meanwhile, Paul Staehle and Karine Martins have posted multiple sex tapes.

Karine Martins OF suggests pegging Paul Staehle (via John Yates IG)

Seriously, Karine recently asked fans if she should peg Paul (the answer is unequivocally yes) with a massive strapon.

She even added that Paul "already" runs funny, so her blowing his back out wouldn't change anything.

We know that that may sound like a joke, and it is, but Karine made it -- not us.

Paul Staehle Runs

So if Karine can rearrange Paul's guts on camera for OnlyFans subscribers, maybe it's making the network reevaluate their decisions.

Larissa has made a tremendous amount of money since leaving the franchise, and more stars want to follow her example.

The franchise stands to lose more stars if they realize that they can make more off of the show than on it.

Larissa Lima Discusses OnlyFans on YouTube

Larissa is a 90 Day Fiance legend who is quotable and wildly polarizing.

Some people love her. Some people hate her. Both of those are a win for her as a reality star.

It's that passion that people feel for and about her that makes for such compelling television.

Larissa Lima Gets Serious on Instagram

With that said, it is with a heavy heart that we must reveal that this is not true.

APRIL FOOLS, folks! If you're sad that it's not true, you're not alone; I fervently wish that this were real.

Oh, but that thing at the end about Karine wanting to give Paul the strap? That part's real.

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