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In just about every aspect of her life, Kylie Jenner lives large.

She has a massive fortune, a huge social media following, a $36 million mansion, and she frequently takes a seat on something so incredible in size that it’s surely a source of envy among her sisters.

We’re talking, of course, about Kylie’s private jet.

Kylie on Her Private Jet

Yes, while Kylie’s billionaire status might be in dispute, there’s no denying that the 23-year-old single mom is very, very, very rich.

So rich, in fact, that when it comes time to travel, she doesn’t strap on a mask and stress about the size of her carry-on like some peasant.

No, Kylie flies the friendly skies in style aboard her own hot pink-accented private jet.

Photo via Instagram

We’re not sure how a female billionaire in her early twenties could possibly flex any harder.

Elon Musk might be courting the nerd vote by promising to make it possible for future generations to live cold, crappy lives on Mars.

But Kylie is proving that coolness and a 10-figure bank account are not mutually exclusive.

Photo via Instagram

Over the weekend, she posted some pics in which she’s seen living the boss life — rocking a power suit while awaiting take-off, probably headed to a meeting with other big wigs, during which she’ll increase her net worth by a few million.

"It’s business baby," Kylie captioned the post, leading fans to the conclusion that she’s on her way to close a business deal.

Or maybe she’s just headed for a baller vacation with key members of her inner circle?

After all, we know that Kylie’s daughter Stormi was aboard, as was her best friend, Anastasia Karanikolau (above).

And it wasn’t long after those photos that Kylie was back to posting bikini pics (below) from undisclosed locations.

So maybe she donned that Hillary-esque pantsuit just so she could fly in style.

Photo via Instagram

Either way, the envy was real in Kylie’s comments section, as thousands who are doomed to spend the rest of their days flying coach expressed their jealousy over the freedom that comes with owning your own personal aircraft,

Even fellow absurdly wealthy celebs openly lusted after Kylie’s travel arrangements.

"Private aviation is my motivation," Scott Disick commented.

Kylie Jenner In a See-Through Dress
Photo via Instagram

Yes, private flight is a prohibitively expensive extravagance even for the very rich,

In fact, despite the fact that Kylie is one of the wealthiest twenty-somethings on the planet, some fans refuse to believe that she was able to purchase her own jet.

But despite the rumors that Ms. Jenner is merely flexing in a rental, it seems she is, in fact, the owner of her own personal aircraft.

Kylie Rocks a Bikini In 2021
Photo via Instagram

According to a report from The Sun, Kylie shelled out $72.8 million for the plane just weeks before her 23rd birthday in August.

And you felt like a baller for buying all your friends a round of shots when you turned 23!

So throughout most of the pandemic, Kylie has been able to move about the country unrestricted thanks to her decision to shell out for the ultimate status symbol.

Sure, the hangar fees are probably ridiculous, but we’re sure Kylie feels no regrets about her purchase — especially when she strolls through the airport and sees all the schmucks waiting in line at security.