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Kailyn Lowry’s life is nothing if not eventful.

Even when there are no new episodes of Teen Mom 2 for fans to obsess over, Kail’s personal affairs remain a frequent topic of discussion on social media.

Of course, the mother of four, certainly doesn’t seem to mind the attention — as long as those discussions are factually accurate, of course.

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Over the years, Kail has happily shared the details of her life with fans and haters alike.

In addition to her appearances on MTV, Kail has written two bestselling memoirs, and she hosts a pair of podcasts, both of which feature frequent revelations about her relationships and family life.

On top of all that, Lowry hosts frequent fan Q&As on Instagram.

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Here, she takes advantage of the direct connection with fans to clear up false claims and negative reports.

Usually, these sessions take the form of conversations with her followers, but this time, Kail decided to take a different approach.

Perhaps it’s the reports that Lowry is back with Chris Lopez, or maybe she’s simply feeling especially fed up this week for no particular reason.

Kail on the Side

Whatever the case, she took to social media to address the latest rumors in a unique way.

In Kail’s latest Instagram Story, a series of rumors about the 28-year-old appear on screen, and Lowry dismisses them by simply shaking her head.

"You have butt implants" reads one such claim.

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Lowry underwent a Brazilian butt lift procedure back in 2016, but both she and her doctor went to great pains to describe the difference between a lift and implants.

"You bought your degree," read another false claim.

Kailyn graduated from the University of Delaware in 2017, making her the first member of the Teen Mom franchise to obtain a college degree.

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Graduating college is an impressive achievement for anyone, but it’s especially difficult for single moms.

So it makes sense that Kail would take major offense to such a rumor.

As for the plastic surgery claims, sadly, Kail has had to contend with this sort of thing throughout much of her career.

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During her most recent pregnancy, the matter of her past procedures was dredged up by none other than her plastic surgeon, Dr. Miami, who tweeted, "When you give her a full body makeover but she gets pregnant".

"You didn’t have to attack me like this," Kail was quick to reply.

With regard to future procedures, Kail says she has a breast reduction lined up for sometime this year.

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"36DDD but planning a breast reduction," she responded to a recent fan inquiry about her breast size.

Kail says that in speaking openly about her procedures, she hopes to encourage others who may be struggling with the desire to tweak their appearance.

"We live in such a weird time that if we do something, if we get work done, it’s almost frowned upon," she recently wrote.

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"But I just feel like a lot of us want it and we don’t really know about it and if more people talked about it, we could be more open about it."

We admire Kail’s honesty tremendously.

And as a bonus, it makes us that much more likely to believe her when she denies a rumor.