Jinger Duggar & Jeremy Vuolo: Are They Selling a False Version of Themselves on Instagram?

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There's no such thing as the perfect couple, but for a long time, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo were successful in presenting themselves as exactly that.

To judge from their Instagram posts and their appearances on Counting On, you would think that they never fought, never struggled, and never experienced the slightest unhappiness.

It's not exactly shocking that the Vuolos were unable to maintain that facade forever.

But it's a little surprising that their facade crumbled as quickly and completely as it has.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo in 2021

Perhaps the Vuolos over-exposed themselves by adding a podcast and a memoir to their media portfolio.

Or maybe the version of their lives they showed to the public was so absurdly flawless that it was bound to be dismantled by online sleuths and skeptical fans.

Whatever the case, it now appears that Jinger and Jeremy are in damage control mode following a series of PR missteps.

Jeremy Vuolo and Famous Wife

Rather than address claims that Jeremy has been bullying Jinger, the couple decided to execute a weird attack/retreat hybrid.

The Vuolos took a "break" from the podcast and scaled back their number of social media posts.

At the same time, Jinger launched an online boutique, and she and Jeremy announced that they would be releasing a memoir.

Jeremy Vuolo Wears a "Rainbow" Tie

Bizarrely, the couple also launched a campaign in which they sought to recruit fans to help them promote their book.

"Hey! You can help us release our book! Check out the link in my bio to join The Hope We Hold launch team!" Jinger wrote on her Instagram page.

Perhaps not surprisingly this attempt by the Vuolos to "have it both ways" -- sharing less of their lives with the public, while profiting more than ever from their fans -- has met with a great deal of criticism.

Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo Book

"All you do now is try to sell things to your fans. It seems like you guys only care about money," one follower recently commented, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

"Right! Vitamins, teeth whitening strips, hair brushes and dryers. I’ll never be a sucker for any of it!!!" another added.

"Yep, they are trying way too hard. It's not working!" a third chimed in.

Jinger and Jeremy, Podcast Hosts

The criticism has coincided with Jinger and Jeremy's surprising decision to stop posting photos of their two daughters.

"Can you tell me why we never see pics of the baby… or recent ones of Felicity?" one commenter asked.

"I was wondering the same. They both used to post photos of Felicity. I’ve only seen a few of the baby since she was born..." another pointed out.

Jinger Vuolo and Jeremy Vuolo on TLC

"I totally understand if you want to stop posting pictures of your children. But, it would be nice if they simply SAID that. Instead of letting everyone worry that something is wrong," a third suggested.

"You were happily posting lots of pictures and videos, and then suddenly stopped with no explanation," a fourth observed.

Obviously, Jinger and Jeremy are free to stop posting family photos if they so choose.

Jinger Duggar, Podcast Host

But given the abrupt shift in their social media strategy, perhaps it's not surprising that fans have come to suspect something is amiss.

Perhaps no couple can stand up to quite as much scrutiny as the Vuolos have been enduring in recent months.

Or maybe critics are right in their assumption that there's something Jinger and Jeremy aren't telling us.

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