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We witnessed quite a few unexpected moments during the first two parts of this year’s Teen Mom OG reunion.

But the one that’s been the most obsessed-over ever didn’t involve anyone screaming or issuing threats of violence.

Instead, it featured a pretty minor figure on the show making a totally insane claim about Maci Bookout’s husband.

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As you’re probably aware, Ryan Edwards refused to appear on stage with Maci and Taylor McKinney.

This led to a situation in which the couple was confronted by Ryan’s proxies and biggest defenders.

We’re talking, of course, about his parents, Jen and Larry Edwards.

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By this time, Jen and Larry had already made it clear that they would take Ryan’s side no matter what he does.

And they stuck to their word as they made one ridiculous claim after another in defense of their atrocious son.

The peak of this insanity came shortly after.

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Maci and Taylor just got up and left the set because they couldn’t stand any more of Jen and Larry’s excuse-making.

"What I saw Taylor doing is that he’s angry at Ryan," host Dr. Drew observed.

"Is he angry at Ryan or is he jealous of Ryan? What is it?" Jen foolishly asked.

Ryan Edwards, On the Mend?

"Well no because before you guys sat down, he opened up with a bunch of things he saw Ryan say about Maci and he was hot," Drew corrected.

"Let me see what Ryan said about Maci because I have no idea," Jen said.

"We don’t have a clue. But there again, we have no control over what Ryan says," Larry echoed.

Ryan Edwards in Trump Hat

Now, it’s ridiculous for Jen and Larry to say that they have no idea of all the awful things that Ryan has said and done.

Because it’s all been extensively documented on the show – and presumably, they’ve both got eyes and ears as well.

But what’s even more absurd is the idea that Taylor was lashing out because he’s jealous of his wife’s unemployed, deadbeat ex.

Taylor McKinney on Teen Mom

Not surprisingly fans on social media reacted strongly to the exchange, and they weren’t feeling very forgiving toward Jen.

As one viewer wrote on Reddit:

"Why on earth would Taylor be jealous of Ryan as yeah ok Ryan may be Bentleys biological father but Taylor is the MAN raising him, Taylor is the Dad who stepped up! I would say Jen and Larry are jealous of him!"

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"I am just watching the #TeenMomOGreunion and it’s disappointing to see Jen and Larry say the things they are saying about Taylor. Jealous of Ryan?! WTF," a second added.

"@TeenMom_OG reunion, the AUDACITY of Ryan’s mom, Jen, to even UTTER the words, ‘Is taylor doing this because he’s JEALOUS of RYAN?’” a third observed.

You get the idea.

Taylor on Season 8

"How much more delusional can a parent possibly get!? You’re [sic] son is a piece of garbage and so are jen and larry for creating such a monster," a fourth chimed in.

"Jen and Larry are sorry excuses for parents! Taylor jealous of Ryan are you on crack Jen."

"Get some brains."


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"Taylor and Maci are 100% right in this situation and Ryan, Jen and Larry are 100% wrong," a fifth commenter wrote.

"Thank goodness Bentley has Taylor for a dad. And no Jen, he’s not ‘jealous’ of Ryan. Who would be?? Ugh."

And on and on we go.

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Not only are Jen and Larry completely delusional, it seems they’re willing to contort any situation they come across.

In order to avoid acknowledging that their son is anything less than a perfect father, that’s about the only tactic left.

And that’s a major problem.

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The reality, should they choose to accept it, is that Ryan appears to be causing major psychological damage.

Not just to himself, or Maci or Taylor, but by far most significantly of all, to the impressionable young Bentley.

And all right under their noses.

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When you stop and think about it, it’s probably a good thing that Maci got Ryan and his family fired from Teen Mom OG.

And not because Mackenzie says they’re gonna be rich on their own.

It might force the Edwards clan to engage in some much-needed self-reflection. Not likely, but at least it’s possible.

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Of course, what seems more likely is that they’ll continue engaging in all manner of atrocious behavior.

In all likelihood, the only difference being that now it won’t be documented by a camera crew.