Heather Thomson: I Was Assaulted on The Real Housewives of New York City!

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Heather Thomson is outta there, folks.

And it doesn't sound like she'll be back any time soon... if at all.

Late last month, we detailed how Thomson returned for Season 13 of The Real Housewives of New York City, only to then stop shooting amid an alleged feud with Leah McSweeney.

We now have an update on this feud.

Leah McSweeney and Heather Thomson

During a podcast appearance this week, Thomson claimed she assaulted during filming ... prior to delving into her controversial exit, her thoughts on McSweeney and the suggestion that she accused Luann de Lesseps of drug use.

“I filmed a little bit and then I remembered why I left,” Thomson said on the April 28 installment of Friends of Dorothy.

“It’s just not how I want to spend my time.

"My whole DNA is about encouraging people and fixing things and making it better and that’s a bad thing on this show.”

Heather Thomson Selfie

It's not exactly a surprise to hear that any Real Housewive franchise pushes drama and wants the women to fight with each other.


“I get assaulted this season on the show, believe it or not, but I’m fine,” Heather alleged on air.

Thomson, who was a full-time Housewife from seasons five through seven, hinted that McSweeney was the one coming for her.

Leah McSweeney Selfie

“People were interested in putting me down, dragging me down and showing me who is the queen bee," she said ominously.

"I just don’t have time for that stuff. It’s the new girl who was intimidated and wanted to show who’s the queen bee."

Back in March, Us Weekly reported that Thomson stopped filming the upcoming season after a “messy” exchange with McSweeney, who only hopped on board the show last year.

Heather Thomson Smiles on Instagram

“Heather’s popular history with the old cast and the excitement about new cast member Eboni Williams prompted production to maneuver her return,” an insider told this outlet ahead of the May premiere.

“Shortly after she arrived, Leah and Heather butt heads.

Heather could see Leah was acting up for the cameras and using behavior she considered demeaning and exploitative and frankly, crossed a line.”

Leah McSweeney on Season 12

Some of her colleagues simply “do not give a sh-t," Heather added on this podcast, saying:

"It’s about fame and fortune and they’ll show up and look crazy and act terrible and mean.

"They don’t care because the fame and all of that is more important to them and that’s their goal for the show.

"When people show up for those reasons, [they] can do some pretty nasty things and [they] can turn into [pretty nasty people]."

Heather Thomson Pic

Thomson, meanwhile, may not be a fan of de Lesseps, but she clarified on the podcast that she did NOT accuse the long-time star of falling off the wagon.

“It’s totally taken out of context. They kept accusing me of talking sh-t about them behind their backs. They said I was saying Luann was doing all sorts of drugs.

"I never said that.

"I said hard drugs came out and I wasn’t into it."

As for any parting shots?

“The casting of the show and the [women] behaving badly, the bar never got raised. It is what it is,” she concluded, expressing no remorse of her departure.

"I had no agenda when I went on the show. I didn’t study the women. I didn’t try to be popular. I genuinely went in there to experience a new opportunity, to forge new relationships, [and] to meet new people.

"It makes me a sh-tty housewife for like, long-term because I don’t play the game and I don’t turn up the volume."

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