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Everyone agrees that it’s for the best that Lisa Hamme is no longer married to Usman Umar.

It was in many ways a toxic relationship no matter which fans you ask.

Now, Lisa has remarried — to a man whom she has known for many years.

Of course, she’s still married on paper to Usman, but that’s apparently not a problem.

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Baby Girl Lisa Hamme took to Instagram on Monday to share the news.

Alongside a photo of her with a man, together wearing rings, she shared a caption.

BGL wrote: "married my best friend April 22, 2021!!!!"

Lisa’s new husband is a man named Tracey.

We know that through 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates.

The two of them have known each other since they were in fifth grade.

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme Loves Her Man

Lisa actually shared much more in a conversation with Yates.

“Usman was already texting another woman when he arrived in Nigeria," Lis areported.

Meanwhile, she shared that she heared her ex-husband call their relationship a "project" while speaking to a music producer.

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Lisa said that she left Nigeria with the attitude that the marraige was over.

“I was coming home to restart my life with Tracey,” she characterized the move.

Of her relationship with Tracey, Lisa said: “Our lives have intermingled throughout the years."

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme Explains Her Frustrations

According to Lisa’s description, Tracey consciously took a step back from her life.

This was when Lisa wanted to pursue a future with Usman.

Obviously, that ended very messily.

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So, when things with Usman didn’t work out — an understatement — Tracey was there.

He offered her support, and it wasn’t just emotional encouragement.

Lisa was dealing with health issues, including a toe issue that left her unable to stand.

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme Does Not Like What She Hears

For five months, Tracey tended to Lisa and helped her out.

Clearly, feelings intensified during this period.

Because now the two of them are married.

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“I married my childhood sweetheart,” Lisa gushed as she spoke to John Yates.

“We met in the fifth grade," she detailed, "and we are now in our fifties."

That is certainly a slow burn romance if we’ve ever heard of one.

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"There was some rivalry between him and Usman," Lisa acknowledged.

"But, you know, Tracey and I," she stated, "we belong together.” 

Interesting that she had to pursue a relationship on another continent to see that.

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Of course, there were multiple issues that tore Lisa and Usman apart that had nothing to do with Tracey.

Their relationship was plagued by Lisa’s jealousy and insecurity.

Whether or not she was right to be so suspicious … is a matter of perspective.

90 Day Fiance Racist? TLC Show Accused of Xenophobia, Misogyny

Infamously, when nine hours of the Tell All leaked last year, it was revealed that Lisa called Usman the N-word.

This was shocking, but not technically surprising.

She had already been embroiled in a very public scandal for using racist and homophobic slurs with fans on Instagram.

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But while there is no excuse for any white person to use the N-word, Lisa calling her Black husband that slur was especially vile.

Though editing did not air that piece of conversation in the Tell All that aired, they did quietly fire her.

Without fan pressure and that leak, they likely would have kept her on, covering up her wrongdoing to continue to monetize her on TV.

Usmar Umar Listens with Patience

We mentioned that Lisa and Usman are still, on paper, married as the divorce is not yet complete in Nigeria.

However, Lisa explained that she never filled out the paperwork in the US to transfer the marriage, to have it recognized in the US.

So apparently she had no issues marrying Tracey. Huh.