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Fans of The Real Housewives of New York City will likely not be surprised, but …

… Even though Tinsley Mortimer quit to pursue marriage to a man who gave her an ultimatum, it didn’t work out.

Sometimes, even the most toxic of relationships somehow unravel.

But while Scott claims that he simply tried to let down Tinsley easy, her camp says that he filled her life with torment.

Tinsley Mortimer and Scott Kluth
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A friend of Tinsley Mortimer spoke to Page Six about Scott Kluth, her former fiance.

"He tortured her," the inside source characterizes.

"For years," the friend accurately describes, "he would break up with her and get back together with her and break up with her again."

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"But when he proposed, she believed he meant it," the friend explained.

Scott demanded an ultimatum: that Tinsley give up her reality career to be with him.

"She left her career, she left her livelihood, she left her home," the inside source described.

"And suddenly," the friend pointed out, "he’s back to his old tricks again and he called off the engagement."

“He has a fear of commitment," the source explained.

"He never had it in him to follow through with his promise to marry her," the friend accused.

Tinsley Mortimer Says Goodbye

"And," Tinsley’s friend noted, "he used her celebrity to promote his coupon company."

This same friend could not help but observe that Scott claimed to hate the spotlight yet "[ran] to PEOPLE magazine” to get out his side of the story.

“She didn’t want this,” the friend emphasized. “[Her] head is still spinning.”

Tinsley Mortimer Cries
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Fans are already speculating that Tinsley might return to RHONY.

She would certainly have a powerful storyline — bitterness, fallout, and perhaps even revenge.

But her friend reports that Tinsley is unsure of whether she’ll move back to to New York, let alone anything else.

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Scott in his ongoing dislike of the spotlight shared a statement with Page Six.

“It is disappointing that during this emotional time for both of them, Tinsley is mischaracterizing the circumstances of their breakup," his spokesperson said.

The statement went on to add that this is a split "which happened months ago."

Tinsley Mortimer Reveals the Truth
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“As Scott has already said, he wishes nothing but the best for Tinsley," his spokesperson claimed.

"And," he continued, "is seeking to recover emotionally and move on.”

What a guy.

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A separate insider spoke to Us Weekly to characterize that Tinsley was "completely blindsided" by the split.

“Tinsley feels like she wasted four years of her life on Scott,” the source shared.

That sounds accurate.

Tinsley Mortimer Breaks Down
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According to the insider, Tinsley "was at a photo shoot" when Scott called off the engagement.

“She feels he took away her fairy tale ending and her chance at having a traditional family,” the source expressed.

“Tinsley is done this time,” the insider affirmed. “There’s no way she’s going back to Scott.”

Tinsley Mortimer Poses for Season 12
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But for yet another side to things, sources close to Scott tell Page Six that this wasn’t so sudden.

These insiders claim that Scott was "communicating" the split to Tinsley for months.

According ot them, Tinsley wasn’t accepting it and was living in denial.

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“Her perception of when they broke up is clearly different from Scott’s,” the source say.

“But," the insider claim, "Scott communicated to her that they were broken up months ago.”

Tinsley’s friends fired back at this characterization.

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According to Tinsley’s camp, if Tinsley was at all confused, it was due to this years-long “break-up-and-get-back-together cycle.”

“He would do that and then get back together with her,” they point out.

They characterize: “It was ‘we’re together,’ then ‘let’s take some space,’ then ‘we’re not together.’ A real mindf–k.”

Carole Radziwill, Tinsley Mortimer Split

“This was the type of pattern he would do to her through the four years they were dating," the friends describe.

"And now that she left her career and basically everything for him," they point out.

The friends conclude: "She had no choice but to try and make it work and stick it out with him through this unhealthy pattern.”