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Taylor Nolan is here to say she’s sorry.

Yes, again.

The Bachelor alum acknowledged the resurfacing of some old Tweets on Sunday, issuing a mea culpa for insulting minority groups in the United States, such as Indians and other Asians.

She also fat-shamed people and used homophobic slurs in messages from 2011 and 2012.

Taylor Nolan Photo

However, by stating that she isn’t "perfect" and claiming her controversial Tweets were "a part of my journey," Nolan was accused of critics for not really apologizing… for making the situation all about herself.

Nolan has therefore taken to Instagram for a second time.

"Yesterday’s response was a reaction and not an apology. I’m sorry I didn’t take a second to come correct. I owe you all an apology," Nolan began in her latest note.

"There is no question or defending that every word of my old tweets are harmful, wrong, triggering, and incredibly upsetting to the communities that I identify with and that I support.

"I’m so sorry to the folks that were triggered and re-traumatized by seeing the hurtful words from my past."

A 27-year old psychotherapist who also appeared on Bachelor in Paradise said the views she shared as a teenager "were vile and unacceptable and are completely removed from the values and principles I hold today."

Nolan continued:

"Those words were a way for me to deflect from my own internalized racism, misogyny, and ignorance.

"Still, they cause harm and I am accountable that harm."

Nolan, of course, has addressed this situation amid an ongoing race-based controversy on The Bachelor Season 25.

First, suitor Rachael Kirkconnell was discovered to have posted some inappropriate messages of her own back in the day.

Then, Chris Harrison sort of defended her in an interview as just being young and ignorant at the time.

And then Harrison announced he’ll be stepping away as Bachelor host because he handled the scandal in such a poor manner.

More recently, the first-ever Black Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, has been forced to delete her Instagram account because she’s been receiving such backlash for being critical of Harrison and the franchise.

Rachel Lindsay and Chris Harrison Photo

It’s been a mess, which provides some context to Nolan’s apology and lengthy message.

Nolan confessed her words "perpetuated harm" toward and "intolerance" of the LGBTQI+ community — and that they "re-traumatized, triggered, and disappointed" women and survivors of sexual assault.

"To the Asian, the Jewish, and BIPOC community, I’m sorry for how my words perpetuated unfounded and damaging stereotypes," she wrote.

"To those struggling with body shame and fatphobia, I’m incredibly sorry for my hurtful statements.

"You deserve so much better. I will continue to unpack and fight against the harm around fatphobia."

Nolan proceeded to aske for forgiveness from those with mental illnesses, saying she was sorry for her "intolerance and lack of empathy and understanding at that time.

Taylor, who is biracial, added that she is "deeply committed" to learning more in order to heal and grow… and be better overall.

After she shared her written response on Monday, the reality star posted a video on her Instagram Story to reiterate that she meant "every word" of it "wholeheartedly," sharing:

"I do sincerely, wholeheartedly apologize to every group who was offended rightfully so by the terrible, incredibly f–ked up things I said in my tweets."

Nolan appeared on Nick Viall‘s season 21 of The Bachelor.

She admitted that she “will always be a student” when it comes to these types of issues and said she would “need some space” before fully coming to terms with her missteps.

This is how she concluded:

I’m determined to continue using my platform as a space to elevate all voices and bring forward growth and healing from my words. 

Again, I’m sorry. I may not have stood with you then, but I will continue to stand with you today.