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On Season 8, Episode 15 of 90 Day Fiance, Harris and Stephanie Davison were closer than ever.

There was a lot to be said about Harris’ motives and Stephanie’s worrisome behavior.

But Harris did assure her that he and hsi baby mama were thoroughly over despite 14 years of history.

There’s just one problem: fans spotted evidence that he may have been lying.

Harris to Stephanie Davison - let me get a coconut for you

On this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance, Harris was ready to leave Belize behind.

Having run to return to Stephanie’s life to replace Ryan, he was eager to make up for lost time.

(Genuinely, production should have gotten Stephanie some help as soon as the assault took place instead of let this unfold)

Harris climbs a tree to retrieve a coconut for Stephanie Davison

Ryan was quick to make grand gestures of his affection.

He doesn’t have Stephanie’s money, but he had his own talents and earnestness.

He shimmied up a tree and plucked a fresh coconut for Stephanie in an eye-popping moment.

Harris - feel so bad about it because time flies

However, it did not take long before they realized that they would soon have to part ways again.

Harris, however, was already thinking of the future.

He wants to be with Stephanie in far-off Michigan.

Harris - be out there in Michigan with her

Harris also referred to it being a "nice, hot," two words that never go together, in the summer in Belize.

With that in mind, some fans think that the reality of Michigan weather might cause him to freeze solid, fall over, and shatter.

He is clearly a man well accustomed to life where he lives … and he’s not without local ties.

Harris feeds Stephanie Davison directly from the coconut

Stephanie did have her concerns, and she brought them up with Harris.

Harris is a father of three, and he had a fairly recent photo with his baby mama.

The pic was snapped at a birthday party, and they did not seem like bitter exes.

Stephanie Davison brings up photo of Harris with his baby mama

Harris said that he had been with the mother of his three children for 14 years.

However, he claimed that she gotten fed up with him and moved on.

Harris wanted to move on too … and provide for his children’s education from America.

Harris - she move on, I'm gonna move on

Now, Stephanie was happy to hear that Harris was willing and eager to move on.

He professed his love for her.

She responded with intense happiness, even if her smile had the vibe of someone who’d just had dental surgery and was still on pain meds.

Stephanie Davison enjoys being told what she wants to hear

Some viewers are condemning Stephanie for trying to "take" Harris from his family.

One, that’s not how this works. Unless she has him kidnapped, which seem sunlikely.

Two, if Harris is telling the truth, the greatest help that he could give his kids might stem from leaving them behind.

"Did anyone else notice the tan line on Harris’s ring finger?” asked one eagle-eyed fan who spotted, well, the above.

Another quipped: “She should’ve known the way he was sweating during his interview with that psychic.”

A different fan speculated: “He’s married and probably took it off for production."

Stephanie Davison pulls out a $100 bill

Harris would not be the first star to secretly still be married while appearing on the show.

It’s just normally, it’s an American, and they tell the cameras all about it.

But with stakes this high, one can easily see why Harris would play things close to the vest.

Harris - I've never seen one like this before

We don’t know whether Harris is still with his baby mama — whose name appears to be Emma.

It is certainly possible. And he was wearing a ring for his 90 Day Bares All appearance.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he lied to Stephanie.

Harris - this is like two weeks work for me

There are rumors that Stephanie has already moved on from Harris.

(With a businessman in Chicago, by the way)

If so, it may be that Harris moved on, or back with his baby mama … in the latter case, hoping that she doesn’t watch this show.