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In the wake of Meghan Markle’s historic interview with Oprah Winfrey, she received an outpouring of support in the US.

There were, however, exceptions … including The Talk host Sharon Osbourne’s misguided defense of Piers Morgan.

In response, Sharon is being exposed as a vicious racist herself, according to multiple coworkers and former hosts.

The blood-curdling accusations are as numerous as they are appalling.

Piers Morgan is generally an indefensible man unworthy of praise or any of the fame that he has accrued.

His fragile sense of masculinity has driven him to the depths of absurdity.

But when it drove him to bash Meghan Markle and then, when criticized, storm out, he crossed the line.

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Sharon seemed to think that Piers has some sort of redeeming qualities. She is mistaken.

Unfortunately, she used her platform on The Talk to defend him.

This proved to be a prime opportunity for a litany of people who had the displeasure of working with her to speak out.

Sometimes, racism is very quiet — using dog whistles and “questions” and other subtle signs.

According to the allegations, Sharon would frequently use bigoted epithets to refer to others.

Not just people on the news or staff — she reportedly spoke this way about her own co-hosts.

Julie Chen was referred to, and we hesitate to even report this, as “wonton” and “slanty eyes,” the allegations describe.

That is backed by multiple sources, including former co-host Leah Remini.

Sources (including Remini) also describe Sharon calling lesbian cohost Sara Gilbert a “pussy licker” and a “fish eater.”

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Journalist Yashar Ali has spoken to numerous sources — 11 of them, in fact — over the past three years.

Almost all of the sources spoke anonymous out of fear of career retribution, NDA violations, or employer reprisals for speaking to the press.

Leah Remini, however, is no longer a co-host and was happy to speak openly, regretting that she didn’t do so sooner.

Julie Chen on CBS

“I mean, who the f–k does slanty eyes think she is? She shouldn’t be pillow-talking with our boss,” Leah quotes Sharon as having said.

That was about Julie Chen, who is of Asian descent, and her husband, then-head of CBS Les Moonves.

Apparently this is when Sharon took an already racist conversation and added homophobia.

Sara Gilbert on a Red Carpet
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Sharon allegedly asked: “Why won’t the p—y licker do anything about the wonton?”

Leah said that Sharon then asked: “Why won’t the fish-eater be part of this discussion? She’s the f–king executive producer.”

These homophobic epithets refer to Sara Gilbert.

When it came to former co-host Holly Robinson Peele, Sharon apaprently told Leah that they should find “another Black person who is funny.”

Sharon is currently clashing very publicly with Holly, who accused her recently of calling her “too ghetto” for the show.

Just for the record, Sharon denies making that super racist statement.

Any one of these statements would be — or at least should be — enough to get a normal person fired.

However, prominent TV hosts who are part of wealthy celebrity families are less likely to even be reported without anonymity, for fear of reprisal.

It is tragic but not surprising that it has taken this long for some of these allegations to come to light.