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Bravo, Lala Kent!

You just dropped some news that totally and complete rules!

On Monday, March 15, the 30-year old posted a photo of herself in a hospital bed, mostly covered newborn cradled to her chest and a three-word caption associated with the image that revealed the following…

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… Kent has welcomed her first child!

Accompanying her baby girl’s Instagram debut, Lala also shared her name.

“Ocean Kent Emmett,” the Vanderpump Rules star captioned.

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By doing so, Lala revealed the unique name she and Randall Emmett have given their daughter.

What does everyone think of it?!?

Baby names are often a source of opinions, especially when they come from celebrities.

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The birth itself shouldn’t come as a shock.

At least, not to anyone who has been closely following Kent’s pregnancy journey.

It has not exactly been a secret.

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On Sunday, Emmett, shared a photo of Kent via Instagram.

In the candid snapshot, Kent was seen getting hooked up to IVs by medical staff.

She had a hand resting a hand on her baby bump.

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Lala was clearly in labor and readying herself for delivery.

“And so it begins….” he captioned the sweet photograph.

Most couples do not keep fans that up to speed.

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The producer previously welcomed daughters London, 10, and Rylee, 7, with his ex-wife, Ambyr Childers.

He and Kent, meanwhile, announced in September 2020 that his third child was on the way.

And this of course is their first child together.

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“Today is my 30 birthday," Lala Kent proclaimed.

"I can’t think of any other way to celebrate than with you guys coming through your headphones and speakers,” the Vanderpump Rules cast member said on her podcast at the time.

She continued: “I had the best gift given to me, my body also helped out too … I am pregnant.”

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The couple proceeded to reveal the gender of their baby-to-be later that same month, which surprised the expecting reality star.

“It was a bit of an adjustment,” Kent told Us Weekly in September.

“And then, like, I saw my mom and I just bawled," she admitted.

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She explained that she cried "because I’m like, ‘I get to have that. I get a little mini Lala,’ which then started freaking me out.”

It really is quite a thing to consider, isn’t it?

Bringing a life into the universe?

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“I feel like I’m really good with girls. And I feel like I’m old,” Randall explained to this same tabloid.

“If we had a boy, he would be Tarzan off the walls," he characterized.

He predicted: "And then this one would lose her mind when the Play-Doh was being thrown through the living room."

Lala Kent Smiles

"Instead, now she’s going to get a little Lala and they can cuddle and watch movies and get their nails done.”

That’s a tad bit simple and pretty darn sexist… but his heart was likely in the right place.

Hopefully, the experience of actually meeting Ocean will enlighten him on how complicated actual children can be.

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While awaiting her daughter’s arrival, Kent documented her baby bump progress via social media, from naked mirror selfies to workout videos.

Lala and Emmett got engaged in September of 2018 and planned to get married on April 18, 2020.

Then, the pandemic hit.

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They now plan to exchange vows in July.

When they do so, they’ll have the most adorable tiny flower girl by their side!

We send our best wishes to Lala, Randall and little Ocean.

Lala Kent Strikes a Pose

Ocean will definitely make this little one stand out to classmates long after Vanderpump Rules is forgotten.

It may take us awhile to get used to that name, but hey.

We’re sure she’s a cutie patootie!