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Just over a month ago, Paul Staehle and Karine Martins welcomed Baby #2.

The polarizing 90 Day Fiance couple have stayed busy, interacting with fans in the past few weeks.

But obviously, childbirth is a major event, and Karine has been recovering at home.

Now, she is giving fans a look at her post-baby body.

Karine Staehle Flaunts Baby Bump #2

We would never say this to Karine, but many fans felt like her pregnancy took "extra" long somehow.

That makes sense — there was a lot going on in 2020, for all of us and for Karine and Paul specifically.

But on February 5, 2021, she and Paul welcomed baby Ethan Staehle into the world.

Ethan Staehle

What a precious baby!

Obviously, fans have a lot of mixed feelings about both Ethan and Pierre, because Paul and Karine have a toxic, volatile marriage.

But Ethan himself is absolutely adorable — as much as any newborn can be.

Paul does not always make decisions quite like the rest of us do, or wish that he would.

(This is, of course, the understatement of the decade)

So he recorded a lengthy video almost immediately following his second child’s birth.

Our first real post-baby look at Karine came from that video.

She was resting in immediate recovery after having brougth Ethan into the world.

Probably not an ideal time to appear on camera unless you’re being paid, but … Paul is Paul.

It’s just a little over a month since Ethan was born (and sort of less than that, because February is weird).

Now, Karine is up and about and showing her fans and followers her post-baby body.

Take a look for yourself at what she shared on her Instagram Stories.

Karine is rocking some blue hair (we love it!) in this mirror selfie.

She’s wearing a crop top to show her figure, already visibly more slender than it was.

Her uterus is still in the process of shrinking back to its usual size, of course.

Karine also showed herself out and about shopping.

She and the girl with her were masked, of course.

The COVID-19 pandemic remains a horror, and Brazil was particularly hard hit.

Before Ethan was born, Paul had admitted that he and Karine were in search of a place to bring him into the world.

Hospitals were a non-starter, as birthing wards had been converted into COVID wards for the most dire of patients.

Brazil faces similar problems to the United States during this pandemic, but without a corrective presidential election or state governors to soften the blow of federal malevolence.

Fortunately, Paul and Karine were able to find a medical center of some kind for Ethan to be born.

We are pleased that they were able to do so — birthing centers are not hospitals, and you never know what might go wrong.

It looks like everyone is doing well, and fans are relieved to know that.

Karine Martins and Paul Staehle in Warm Lighting

Paul and Karine have also been having adventures on OnlyFans, like some of their castmates.

Though a couple of their sex tapes unfortunately leaked, they could stand to make a great deal of money.

Additionally, Paul has teased fans that he will read off paternity test results live on camera .. but only for paying subscribers.

Paul and Karine are an unusual couple — and, as we mentioned, wildly unstable together.

As much as fans would like to see them break up, some simply want to see them work things out and be better.

After all, no matter how bitter the breakup, they seem to pair up again.