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We love a secret filming location this time of year!

Maybe you were bored to tears by the quarantine edition of Jersey Shore Family Vacation and you want the cast to redeem themselves.

Or, maybe you loved every second of the socially-distanced hijinks and you can’t wait for more of the same.

Either way, it looks like you’ll soon be getting exactly what you want.

Photo via MTV

Yes, according to a new report from TMZ, a new season of Shore is currently filming.

Or, more accurately, a new half season is filming.

Perhaps you noticed that despitre the distinct season finale tone, the most recent episode was never referred to as a season finale.

Jersey Shore Cast 2020
Photo via MTV

That’s because of a contractual loophole that allows MTV to film two half seasons (in this case, Seasons 4A and 4B) without giving the cast their guaranteed seasonal raises.

Pretty clever!

Anyway, the new half-season of Shore will face many of the same challenges as the last one.

Photo via Instagram

For starters, Snooki retired from the show at the end of Season 3 as a result of the backlash surrounding Angelina Pivarnick’s wedding.

Now that the hatchet is somewhat buried, will Snooks return?

More on that later.

Snooki: A Selfie

The other issue facing the production crew is the problem of finding a big, empty space where the guidos can ride around on mini-bikes withput catching ""the Covid."

Fortunately, it seems that dilemma has already been resolved.

TMZ reports that Pauly D and company are currently holed up at the Woodloch Resort in the Poconos region of Pennsylvania.

Jersey Shore Promo Pic
Photo via MTV

Yes, the gang is significantly closer to their old Jersey stomping grounds this time around, which might be a concession to the fact that most of them have kids, and businesses, and other obligations at home.

Web sleuths figured out the location by comparing pics posted by the cast (such as the photo below of Mike and Lauren Sorrentino) with locations around the resort.

Needless to say, it wasn’t a very well-kept secret, but we doubt that anyone involved with the show is too concerned about the information leak.

Photo via Instagram

As for Snooki, she was spotted filming a scene with JWoww at a New Jersey restaurant earlier this week.

Whether that means she’s returning to the show, or she was just shooting a guest spot remains to be seen.

Whatever the case, after rumors about Shore being canceled, it seems that the rest of the cast is eager to keep this going for the foreseeable future.

Photo via MTV

“I think that’s what’s one cool thing about our show was like, you get to see almost every aspect of it and the parts that you relate to it,” Pauly D recently toldPage Six.

“Some people grew up with us, so they want to see what it’s like for us right now. What was it actually like in a pandemic?" he added.

"What’s our family like? What’s it like when you bring somebody else into the group? So we get to share that with everybody.”

Jersey Shore Bridesmaids

While we occasionally miss the days of fist-pumping and frequent smuch sessions, we understand what Pauly is talking about,

As the cast gets older, it makes sense that they would prefer to spend more time hanging out with "family" in quiet vacation  spots.

And as long as they continue delivering the laughs and the catchprases, we’re happy to come along for the ride.