Britney Spears Posts Cryptic "Red" Photos as Attorney Renews Conservatorship Fight

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Britney Spears' court battle with her awful dad continues after 13 years of this conservatorship.

This week, her attorney filed with the court to remove Jamie from control over her personal life.

Fans are hopeful that, this time, the effort will work.

But meanwhile ... Britney is sending out some weird, "red" messages to fans. What gives?

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It is well known that Britney Spears' unjust and outrageous conservatorship infringes upon her human rights.

Everyday freedoms of movement, relationships, and more that most of us take for granted are out of her reach.

Unfortunately, for some in the #FreeBritney movement, there are concerns that Britney is also forced to speak to them in code.

Britney Spears IG "red" 01 of 04

Over the past few days, Britney has posted about the color "red."

Sometimes, it appears obviously in the photo, even if the photo is of a gleaming red fridge.

Other times, the only "red" thing seems to be a string of red emojis.

Britney Spears IG "red" 02 of 04

"But what does it mean?" one fan asks.

"Are you OK? Is this an alert?" another wants to know.

This is not the first time that fans have asked if innocuous, goofy posts are cries for help.

Britney Spears IG "red" 03 of 04

Fortunately, not every comment was trying to treat a 39-year-old mom's Instagram like The Da Vinci Code.

"Girl are you inside the fridge now?" another commenter jokes.

Another fan asks: "Is there a new album coming?"

Britney Spears IG "red" 04 of 04

That is certainly a gorgeous red refrigerator.

What does it mean?

Is Britney just having fun and doing her own thing on social media, or sending veiled messages to fans?

Britney Spears Looks Adorable in Yellow

Folks, if we here at THG could peer into Britney's consciousness and report on her thoughts, like, we'd be doing that.

However, we can use basic reasoning skills.

Which seems more likely: that Britney is goofing around on social media, or that she is very loudly sending coded messages that only her fans can interpret?

Britney In Trouble?

Generally speaking, when a person believes that a celebrity is sending them secret messages, their mental health is called into question.

It's normal to ask "hmmm, what is this all about?"

It's the people responding with "BLINK if you're being held captive!!!" type stuff who need to log off of Instagram and breathe.

Sam Asghari

It has been well established that Sam Asghari is not her father's stooge.

Britney's hunky boyfriend has spoken openly of their life, even going so far as to accurately call Jamie Spears a dick.

If Britney needed to get the word out, Sam has his own social media and his own life that Britney's conservatorship does not control.

Sam Asghari Gives Britney Spears a Birthday Kiss

You know what else Britney has? Her own attorneys.

Her legal team does not work for Jamie, and is facing off with him once again in court.

And this week, they took the important step of filing to remove Jamie from his position of control over Britney's personal life.

Britney Spears is a Boss

As has long been reported, Britney accepted that the conservatorship would happen long ago.

Her one request, made firmly and repeatedly, was that Jamie not be involved.

Instead, he has held the reigns of her life with a deathgrip for 13 years. Enough is enough.

Britney Spears in a Quiet Moment

Yes, a lot about Britney's situation sucks in many ways.

Additionally, it is unclear if this latest attempt to expel Jamie from his position of power over her has any chance of working.

After all, conservatorship laws are notoriously flawed, as disability rights advocates have argued for decades.

Britney Spears in Her Favorite Dress

But Britney does have outlets with which to address the world.

In fact, celebrities like her friend Paris Hilton have spoken out strongly in the past about the injustice of her situation.

Everyone except for Jamie (and Wendy Williams, for whatever brainrotten reason) wants things to change.

Britney Spears Looking Hot in Japan

Until things change, fans like that one follower who asked are in for a world of disappointment.

Last fall, her attorney told the court that Britney is afraid of her father (who allegedly attacked one of her sons) and refuses to tour while he remains her conservator.

Right now, as Britney herself has said directly to fans, she is taking time to be herself and live like an almost-normal person. Let her post fridge pics in peace.

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