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It didn’t take the Framing Britney Spears documentary for fans to know that she’s facing injustice.

And Britney herself knows better than anyone how unfair her situation is.

But as she told fans after the documentary aired, she’s focused upon living her life.

And part of that means spending time with her amazing sons.

Britney Spears Looking Hot in Japan
Photo via Instagram

Britney Spears has always placed a tremendous emphasis upon respecting her sons’ autonomy.

Because of that, public photos of Britney and her boys, both of whom are now teenagers, are uncommon.

Over the weekend, a photo was shared of Britney and her boys, first by a fan account, and then by Britney herself.

Photo via Instagram

Given the scenery and Britney’s outfit, this likely dates back to a walk in December.

At that time, Britney shared a photo of herself in the same clothing and location, alone.

It’s so sweet to see her with her and her boys, who are growing up before our very eyes.

Sean Preston, Britney Spears, and Jayden James at Disneyland
Photo via Instagram

Sean Preston is now 15 and Jayden James is 14.

We get that Britney’s five feet and four inches isn’t exactly the most daunting height milestone.

But it’s still adorable to see both boys undeniably taller than their mother. That’s always a big step.

Sean Preston and Jayden James Dine at Disneyland
Photo via Instagram

We don’t know which canyon Britney and her boys (and the photographer, likely her comically handsome boyfriend Sam Asghari) were hiking in.

It’s likely not too far from her Thousand Oaks home.

But frankly, we don’t want to know. The more peace of mind and privacy that Britney has, the happier that we all are.

Britney Spears, Sean Preston, and Jayden James Painting

Now, some who looked at that photo might glance around and wonder why they were wearing masks.

They’re out in the middle of nowhere and they’re (seemingly) a small group of people who are family.

First of all, you never know who you’re going to run into or what will happen on a walk. Bring a mask.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari, Masked at the Beach

But second of all, Britney and Sam addressed this in the past after wearing masks on the beach.

They know that Britney’s Instagram is viewed by millions of fans, and Britney takes her fame seriously.

So she and Sam wore masks when out and about, even in places where they could have removed them to snap selfies.

Britney Spears, Sean Preston, and Jayden James at Brunch
Photo via Instagram

As we mentioned, Britney has always prioritized her sons and their well being.

When they were very young, she let her sons opt out of public appearances, letting them leave the spotlight when overwhelmed.

This isn’t just news that has circulated — there’s video of it happening live at public events.

Brtiney Spears: Quarantine Six-Pack
Photo via Instagram

In the autumn of 2019, her awful father reportedly broke down a door to physically assault Sean Preston after an argument, shaking the boy.

Britney and their father, Kevin Federline, took swift action to protect their sons from their grandfather.

That started with a painful modification to Britney’s custody agreement, giving both boys more time with their dad — out of Jamie’s reach.

Britney Spears Looks Adorable in Yellow
Photo via Instagram

Beyond that, Kevin sought and was granted a three-year restraining order on behalf of both of his sons.

Jamie cannot go near either now-teenage grandson until late 2022.

Given reports of Jamie’s health in recent years, many fans hope that the boys will be safe from his wrath for life.