Amber Portwood: This Custody Battle Is Stressing Me the Eff Out, Man!

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Folks, Amber Portwood is feeling stressed out.

And when Amber gets stressed, people get stabbed.

Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but the fact is, Amber once attacked Andrew Glennon with a machete, and now, she's locked in a bitter custody battle with the same baby daddy.

Amber Portwood on Teen Mom OG Season 9

Thankfully, this showdown is playing out in court, which means that Amber probably won't wind up doing any stabbing.

Even so, Andrew might want to invest some double locks for his doors.

In the 20 months since the attack, Glennon has enjoyed primary physical custody of James.

Amber Is Losing It

Despite the fact that Amber hasn't exactly been on her best behavior during that time, Andrew has allowed her regular visits with the boy.

Interestingly, Portwood has been accused of skipping many visits with James.

Andrew says that her excuses for disappointing her son have been exceedingly lame, and on at least one occasion, she cited rainy weather as the reason why she couldn't leave the house.

Amber Portwood with Young Son

Even though she can't be bothered to get off the couch to spend time with her kid, Amber is fighting Andrew for custody of James.

And as is always the case with conflicts involving Amber, the whole thing got ugly in a hurry.

Lawyers for Glennon are arguing that Amber is in no position to be a mom again, and based on recent developments in her life, it's not hard to see where they're coming from.

Amber Portwood's Latest Selfie

Her erratic behavior and bizarre social media posts have led fans to conclude that Portwood is back on drugs.

We don't know if that's true, but it's easy to see why her social media followers might be concerned.

For her part, Amber has refused to comment on the speculation.

Amber Portwood Wears THIS

Some fans say that's a bad sign, as Portwood is usually quick to refute rumors whenever she feels she can prove that they're untrue.

But according to Amber, she's simply too zen to engage in any social media drama these days.

She still posts, of course, but these days, she posts about what a chillaxed, blissed-out person she is.

Amber's Room

Over the weekend, Amber posted a photo of her meditation "sanctuary" 

"My little sanctuary. It’s where I meditate and find my daily inner peace #beautifulsouls," she captioned the photo.

While most of Amber's followers are wise to her tricks at this point, it seems some have been taken in by her claim that she's discovered the secret to inner peace.

Amber Portwood Gives an Interview

"Meditation is the best way to start the day," one person commented.

"Beautiful... wishing you a bright and beautiful day," another remarked.

So despite ample evidence to the contrary, we guess some folks are still inclined to believe that this violent, knife-wielding maniac is secretly a laid-back, reasonable individual.

Amber Portwood Near Tears

That's good for Amber, as the judge in her case has decided to allow her and James to work out the custody situation themselves.

Yes, in the weeks to come, Portwood's days will be occupied by mediation, not meditation, and she meets with her ex (and his lawyers) to try and hash out a custody arrangement that everyone can agree on.

Amber will be in a good position if she can convince Andrew that she's newly-chill -- but something tells us he know better than to fall for her tricks.

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