Amber Portwood Goes Ballistic, Screams at Haters: I'll Karate Kick Your F--king A$$!!!!

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The last time we reported on Amber Portwood, we mentioned how the Teen Mom OG star had been doing a lot of meditating.

She was seemingly very stressed out by her custody battle against ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon over their young son, James.


After learning about what just transpired?

Leah and Amber Portwood

Let's just say Portwood may be in need of even more mediation.

The polarizing cable network personality took to Instagram Live after a recent episode of the aforementioned MTV hit, one on which she referred to herself as a "good mom."

Perhaps because she was arrested awhile back for attacking Glennon while he was cradling James.... many social media users took issue with this description.

They mocked Portwood online and scoffed at the notion that she was a responsible parent.

down with amber

Among the remarks leveled in Amber's direction while she was chatting with fans?

She couldn't even take care of her kids – her dog is lucky.

How about you get off your couch instead of singing?

How about you talk to your daughter instead of us?

amber bad mom

These comments sent the Teen Mom OG cast member into a rage, as she rant and raved in a video grabbed by fan account Teen Mom Chatter.

"Maybe I have one or two days out of the week when I'm not on this motherf**king couch," she yellled.

"So when I'm on this f**king couch and I sit down on this couch and talk to you guys. And when I do, it's either in the motherf**king morning or at night.

"I wonder why the f**k that is."

dark amber

Portwood seemed especially irate over the idea that she's lazy; that she doesn't make any effort to be there for her kids or improve her life in any way.

Portwood continued her diatribe by trashing Gen Z for "being dumb as s**t," further claiming she didn't "give a s**t."

But, very clearly, she gives plenty of s**ts.

Amber Portwood on Teen Mom OG Season 9

“I’m a motherf**kin’ millennial!” Amber declared.

“We’re smart and we don’t give a s**t! We grew up in a different f**king era. You guys are dumb as s**t. They’re so f**king stupid.

"Their music is dumb.

"You guys are f**king dumb, and I don’t give a s**t.”

ap rant

As she continued to read the insults, Amber told trolls: "I'm f**king finished with this.

"Get off your motherf**king couch and come here and say something to me. I'm f**king finished. I'm on probation, the f**k?

"What the f**k does karate mean? It means I can kick your f**king a**. My leg can go to your f**king head and spin at the same time. The f**k you mean?

"I'm f**king done, I'm not doing this."

Amber, Sort of with a Mask

This response probably won't quell the rumor that Amber is back on drugs.

We can't verify such speculation, but Portwood herself has confirmed that she's open to having even more kids.

“If I found the right person that educated himself a bit on a few things, yeah I would definitely want more kids. I do want another child," she told Us Weekly this winter, frightening most readers.

Portwood, of course, already has a daughter with Gary Shirley and a son with Glennon.

She doesn't get to spend a great deal of time with either, mostly due to her inappropriate and/or dangerous past behavior.

Amber Is Losing It

Amber added to Us Weekly that she wants a “man who is a caregiver, just like me, and wants to take care of people, just as much as I like to take care of others, it has to be mutual.”

Portwood becoming a mother again is, naturally, a scary thought.

Consider what she's saying here, though.

If Amber only wants to procreate with someone like her, well... thankfully, that person is gonna be pretty darn hard for her to find.

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