Michelle Young: The Three Reasons Why SHE May Be the Next Bachelorette!

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According to a recent report, Katie Thurston no longer needs to go fancy dress shopping.

The former Bachelor suitor, who made headlines on Season 25 for her outspoken nature and very racy views on sex, was allegedly selected as the next Bachelorette by ABC executives.

This was the reported assumption about two weeks ago at least.

Matt James and Chris Harrison

Things have changed within the franchise, however.

An explosive scandal centered around Matt James' presumed winner, Rachael Kirkconnell, her inappropriate social media posts and the wayward way in which host Chris Harrison responded to the controversy has roiled Bachelor Nation.

As you must know by now, Harrison announced this month that he's stepping away from the franchise.

Tayshia Adams and Chris

The long-time host remains under extreme fire and given the way the past few weeks have underscored problems that have lingered within the franchise for years, it may never return to his post.

It's a gigantic mess, that's for sure.

And it sounds as if Thurston (below) has become a victim of the chaos because sources now say she's been ousted as The Bachelorette - before ever being officially named to the gig.

Katie Thurston on Instagram

Whether she did anything to warrant this 180 or the producers are just reevaluating the situation based on the recent developments remains to be seen. But who might take her place?

Our best guess is Serena Pitt. After she withdrew from the competition on this week's episode, she might be in the best position to return with a clean slate.

But today we're looking at a different contender: Michelle Young.

And there are significant reasons why she may have a shot ...

Michelle and Matt James

Amid constant chatter that the franchise has woefully mishandled the first Bachelor season with an African-American lead, executives may very well be looking, essentially, for a mulligan.

ABC is under pressure to come across as far more sensitive and understanding when it comes to the crucial topic of race.

Just think of all the negative articles that will be written across the Internet if yet another white woman is The Bachelorette.

Michelle Young Photo

Second of all, Young has advanced to the final three on The Bachelor.

She took Matt on a quasi hometown date this past Monday evening.

Over the years, the show does typically choose its subsequent anchors from the pool of suitors that advance very far on the previous edition of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

What if Young actually earns a proposal from Matt, however?

Matt James and Michelle

After all, Young and James had a successful and romantic date on the latest Bachelor episode, with Michelle telling Matt at the end of it:

"I connect with you in a way that I've never connected with anyone before, and so I do want you to know that after you meeting my family, I knew that I was going to take my emotions to a whole different level and I was ready for that.

"And I can say that I am falling in love with you."

Michelle Young Photograph

That's high praise. He continued:

"And that makes me so excited and it's so scary but it's so genuine and it's so real."

The thing is, almost all The Bachelor spoilers state that Young will be sent home and Rachael Kirkconnell, of all people, will earn the finall rose from Matt.

Which brings us to another sign that she could become the next Bachelorette:

Michelle Young on Instagram

Young only just joined Instagram in April 2020.

An elementary school teacher who still doesn't share many messages or photos on her account, it stands to reason that Michelle may have made this move because... let's face it, The Bachelorette has to be on social media, you know?

Could Young have been told by producers that she needs to create an online presence in order to be considered for the role?

And now she's finally landed said role?

Michelle Young Picture

We strongly hope so.

Young played Division I basketball and her ABC bio says the following about her ideal husband:

“Her dream man is confident but not cocky and will look at her as his equal in all things."

Michelle Young Image

"Michelle has big dreams for the future and says she wants a man by her side that is supportive and driven to make the world a better place."

"She is looking for the superman to her superwoman and says that, together, she hopes she and Matt can fall in love and change the world.”

And, if he isn't... perhaps she'll get a chance to be in charge of this search herself one day soon!

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