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Meri Brown has been talking a good game of late.

A positive game, one might say.

The veteran Sister Wives star has been praising God and has told off haters who don’t believe in the future of her marriage — but now she must come clean a little bit.

She must admit that not everything is perfect.

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Ahead of a new season 15 episode of her family’s popuar series, the TLC personality uploaded an introspective message about how she helped herself evolve as a person.

“The past year has been, well, it’s been a year! I’m sure you can relate!" Meri wrote on Friday, February 19, adding:

"I had some experiences in the past year that really caused me to look inward, look in the mirror, figure some things out, figure ME out."

Brroown didn’t include any specifics, but astute observers know that Brown is referring to her marriage.

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For almost all of 2020, Meri shared memes and messages that certainly made it seem as if her marriage was on some very sharp rocks.

She took it upon herself in early December to quiet all chatter about an impending divorce, even though Brown was mostly the person responsible for thiis chatter.

But anyway.

“I’ve been taking time to improve myself, do a lot of self-evaluation,” Meri continued.

“I’ve been reading books (and when I say read, I mean Audible lol) listening to podcasts and meditating.”

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The mother of one went on to say it hasn’t been easy to “slow down."

However, it’s something the plural marriage believer is working on for her own good.

“Sometimes, I look at my days and don’t consider it a win, but I’ve been inspired to find something in each day that is a win," she wrote.

Sadly, as has been well documented at this point, Kody is never ever there to help Meri win anything at all.

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From there, Brown pointed out how her strength has been put to the test in the past 24 hours.

She admitted, while remaining vague:

“It was me seeing something that hurt, and that could have caused me to spiral really far and really hard, but in that moment I took to Marco Polo and my BFF, dumped a bit, shed a couple tears, did some self-reflection and took some time to myself.

"And the spiral wasn’t big, it wasn’t deep, and it wasn’t severe. I call that a win.

"Celebrate your wins! Celebrate the things you do each day!”

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On the recent Sister Wives premiere, viewers watched as Meri tried to rekindle her romance with Kody — and mostly failed.

“I can’t make him love me,” she said in a confessional about her spiritual spouse, who explained later on that “romance and sex are saved for people who are in love."

Kody then came right out and said:

"If Meri and I really wanted to be together, we would.”

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Kody — who totally SUCKS — was feeling the same strain and pressure amid his turmoil with all four of his wives, including Janelle, Robyn and Christine Brown.

“I don’t want to spend the rest of my life listening to women tell me how unhappy they are,” the father of 18 declared on the same premiere.

“I need my wives to stop complaining about this divide that we’ve got in the family.”

This guy is the worst.

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