Amelia Hamlin Underwear Pics Send Pulses Racing; Lisa Rinna Defends Daughter's Thirsty Shots

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Seeing tantalizing thirst traps from Amelia Gray Hamlin is a familiar thrill for her followers.

The 19-year-old model was already famous before she was seen "rubbing elbows" with Scott Disick.

She is taking full advantage of the spotlight to boost her modeling career to new heights ... but trolls are giving her a hard time.

Lisa Rinna is tearing apart her daughter's haters in the comments.

Amelia Hamlin Flaunts Her Body in Lingerie

Amelia posted three mouth-watering lingerie photos to Instagram.

She captioned the tantalizing pics: "easy to practice self love in my @bouxavenue designed in london....."

Is there a non-crass way to make a pun from "self love" in this context? Probably not.

Amelia Hamlin Reclines in Lingerie

As you can imagine, Amelia's comments were filled with praise, thirst, and the eyes emoji ... which is also thirst.

Commenters overwhelmingly wanted the 19-year-old model to step on them.

No one can really blame them ... though some of the more explicit fantasies border on harassment, and could have been kept as privately held opinions.

Amelia Hamlin Displays Her Youthful Good Looks

However, every comments thread on the entire internet, it seems, has at least one hateful moron.

After Lisa Rinna applauded her daughter's post, proud of Amelia's success, one very poor speller (even by my low standards) called her out.

"@lisarinna wtf is wrong with u? U like what u see???? Discusting [sic]," the troll wrote.

Lisa Rinna IG - what is wrong with you? this is my child

Lisa wasn't sure if she was being mom-shamed for congratulating Amelia or if this nightmare commenter was accusing her of being attracted to her own daughter.

"What is wrong with you? This is my child," Lisa clapped back at the hater.

It doesn't matter what the cruel commenter meant -- it was rude and that clown needed to hear it from Lisa.

Amelia Hamlin Rocks a Bikini

Other commenters posted similar, if more coherent, criticisms of Lisa and Amelia.

One commenter chided Lisa for encouraging her daughter's modeling career.

The hater jeered Lisa, asking if she also helps Amelia "with her OnlyFans."

Amelia Hamlin in a Creative White Hoodie

On other words, ther person doesn't just think that modeling is shameful -- they also took a swipe at sex workers while they were at it.

It's clearly a symptom of something rotten in our society that so many people feel so free to say things that are so vile.

It's 2021. It's time for people who hate women and all that they do to start being afraid of social consequences.

Amelia Hamlin in a Bikini

Lisa has spoken up in defense of her daughter and her modeling before.

For example, she shared that Amelia's pricey rental is paid for entirely by Amelia, not by Lisa or Harry.

How does she afford something in the neighborhood of $5,000 a month? Amelia models.

Amelia Hamlin in Red

In fact, Lisa has proudly bragged that Amelia makes more than anyone else for her modeling.

She's 19, she's gorgeous, her parents are famous ... that is a perfect recipe for a shining modeling career.

And let's face it -- that career can be even more lucrative due to her current association with Scott Disick.

Amelia Hamlin WIth Scott Disick

Scott Disick is a creepy older man who seems to love 19-year-old models more than he loves his public image.

But none of us can reasonably fault Amelia for living her best life.

We just hope that she accepts the name recognition boost without wasting as much of her youth on a man who will never grow up, no matter how geriatric he becomes.

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