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Last week, Larissa Lima called out vicious body-shaming cyberbullies.

Upon some reflection, however, she’s reconsidering some of her past feuding.

It may be true that who is against the Queen will die … but one of her former enemies can live.

So Larissa is offering Vanessa Guerra a public apology, and she is not holding back.

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At the Happily Ever After? Tell All, Larissa and Vanessa were not on friendly terms. Not by a long shot.

Now, with months of reflection, Larissa is changing her tune dramatically.

"A message to Vanessa @guerra_702," Larissa’s lengthy caption began on a recent Instagram post.

Vanessa Sits Down for Dinner

"It sometimes requires a lot of bravery to forgive and or to apologize," Larissa acknowledged.

Especially if you are a proud person, which Larissa certainly is.

"But when we take a look inside of ourselves," she reflected, "we realize it’s what we need to do."

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"I was previously under the impression that ‘women empowerment’ was about a group of woman bullying and hating another woman," Larissa shared.

I am … horrified and wondering where she could have gotten that impression.

"Today," Larissa wrote, "I know the true meaning of it."

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"It means to be kind, empathetic, and to be patient," Larissa acknowledged.

She stressed the importance "to understand another woman’s reasoning before throwing her hate."

That is certainly part of it — not tearing down women at random or feeling threatened by another due to her gender.

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"No more to criticize another woman’s appearance," Larissa acknowledged.

There is no non-harmful way to insult appearance, even if you are taking aim at the worst person alive.

Larissa said that there are many reasons to not criticize looks, explaining "because we all have a different image of beauty, is one example."

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"I am growing as a human being," Larissa pointed out.

"And," she shared, "I will no longer team up with anyone to go against another person."

Her feud with Vanessa, despite having her own reasons for a grudge, arose from her ex-friend Jess Caroline’s beef.

Larissa Lima Wears Pink on YouTube

"What right do I have to do this," Larissa declared.

She noted that this is true "especially when I truly do not know this woman I may be judging?"

Certainly, Larissa doesn’t know Vanessa as intimately as her ex-husband Colt Johnson does.

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"Learning, gaining wisdom, and growing as a better human being is a necessity for our own well-being," Larissa affirmed correctly.

"And," she added, it also works "to make everyone else’s life better too."

That is absolutely true — all of this contributes to a better self and a better society.

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"Right now, I want to publicly apologize to Vanessa," Larissa proclaimed.

Clearly, this has been in Larissa’s thoughts for some time.

"Vanessa, you are pretty, you are kind," she affirmed.

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"And," Larissa expressed, "I admire your steady state of calm."

Larissa herself is not always a calm person, so one can see how she would be impressed. That’s very honest of her.

"I’ve always thought this of you," Larissa concluded her apology, "even at my worst."