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90 Day Fiance legend Larissa Lima has been open about her life on and off screen.

Recently, she detailed the dark side of OnlyFans for her followers.

But now, she is speaking about a more painful subject — the torrent of hate that she receives online.

Larissa is speaking up about one of her worst days, ever, in terms of being harassed by trolls.

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Over the weekend, Larissa Lima took to Instagram to express her state of mind.

"Today has been one of the worst days of virtual bullying for me," she began.

"This [will] not make me afraid," Larissa affirmed.

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"I will still [be] posting my pictures," Larissa wrote.

She also assured her fans and detractors that she will continue "talking about my procedures."

"And," she vowed, she will continue "earning my money the way I choose."

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Larissa informed her followers that she will continue "live my life and the way I choose change or not my body."

"Never have I received so much hatred," she lamented.

Larissa could not help but observe that, when it came to hate, "the majority [was] from women."

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"Thank God and God bless America," Larissa wrote, "as the people I have met personally have been welcoming and wonderful."

"The fans I meet when shopping or at the gym are so pleasant and excited to approach me," she assured.

Larissa emphasized: "I do not condemn all the women."

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"One in the public eye has to grow a thick skin," Larissa observed.

She continued: "but the constant bully against the cast members will push someone to the brink one day."

Larissa explained that she worries that fans will push someone to a point "that he or she can no longer take it."

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"I hope the network will become proactive with current and future immigrant cast member’s protection," Larissa wrote.

"I brought a lot of viewers in every Sunday night," she recalled.

"And got little in return," Larissa added, referring to 90 Day Fiance‘s infamously low payments to stars.

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"I pray the others don’t ever feel like I feel today," Larissa expressed in conclusion.

Notably, Larissa received a great deal of support in the forms of likes and replies.

Among those who voiced their solidarity with her were boyfriend Eric Nichols and subsequent star Brittany Banks.

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It is unclear what precisely made this weekend such a bad time for Larissa.

Our first thought was that perhaps this was backlash over her recent videos.

Then we were reminded of the upsetting 90 Day Fiance OnlyFans leaks from last week.

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Last week, Paul Staehle and Karine Martins’ OnlyFans videos were leaked by a malicious thief.

Their sex videos were not the only content that spilled from behind the subscription site’s paywall.

Unlike blockbuster films or must-watch prestige television, this can really hurt the bottom lines of creators.

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But it was noted that these leakers did so out of spite.

Larissa had in fact warned that while subscribers might genuinely like her content, some hateful trolls will sign on just to leak her photos and videos.

The expressed goal would be to ruin her … all because they didn’t like her on reality TV. Shameful, hateful cruelty.