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In some respects, Kylie Jenner has done everything right in her young life.

She could have dedicated her twenties to partying or, like Rob Kardashian, disappeared into a reclusive haze of weed smoke, but instead, Kylie became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire by devoting herself to the building of her brand with single-minded determination.

That doesn’t mean, of course, that she never effs up.

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In fact, these days, it seems that Kylie has lost touch with her fan base to the point that she’s forgotten how to post on Instagram without attracting criticism.

This is a problem, of course, as Instagram is at the heart of Kylie’s media empire.

Now that Keeping Up With the Kardashians is coming to an end, the ladies of the Kard clan are more reliant on social media than ever before.

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This could create a problem, as the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the massive lifestyle gap that exists between the Kar-Jenners and their followers.

While millions of Americans are newly out of work and riddled with anxiety about how they’ll manage to keep food on the table, Kylie and company are living as they always have — in mansions, on yachts, and in private jets that shuttle them from one exotic locale to the next.

It’s this last part that’s really been creating trouble for Kylie and company, as commenters are irritated by the fact that the Kardashians don’t seem to care about Covid.

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It’s not that people are shocked by the fact that Kylie and company are traveling — since the beginning of the pandemic, celebs have been flouting the rules that the rest of us are forced to follow. 

The reason Kylie is taking so much more flak than other A-listers is that she seems to be traveling more than ever.

The 23-year-old cosmetics mogul has taken four trips in the past month.

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Maybe it’s pandemic boredom, or the mid-winter doldrums, but it seems that Kylie is incapable of just chilling at home in her $36 million mansion.

Whatever the case, commenters on Instagram have pointed out that constant travel seems to be part of Kylie’s new "routine."

Others have noted that since Kylie is abroad more than she’s at home these days, her trips no longer qualify as vacations.

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But rather than quibble over semantics, let’s focus on the message that Kylie is sending to her fans by traveling non-stop and flaunting her lavish vacations on social media.

There’s no way that Kylie could possibly know what it means to struggle financially, as she was born into a fabulously rich family, and — with the benefit of that wealth and those connections — she went on to become a billionaire before she could legally drink.

She’s under no obligation that to pretend that she can relate to her lower- and middle-class fans, but as a public figure with a young and impressionable following, she could make a major impact by at least pretending to care.

Instead, Kylie continues globetrotting with no concern for how long the pandemic will continue, or what sort of effect it has on the people who made her famous.

Obviously, that’s her decision to make.

But in this age of hair-trigger cancelations, a time when the attention spans of the masses are shorter than ever, you would think that someone who’s hoping to remain influential for many decades to come would demonstrate a shred of sensitivity.