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Last month, JoJo Siwa came out to the world, overjoying millions.

More recently, JoJo revealed that she has a girlfriend.

This week, she marked a very special milestone in their romance.

To celebrate, JoJo gushed over her girlfriend — and showed off her face.

Photo via Instagram

17-year-old entertainment superstar and YouTuber JoJo Siwa took to Instagram on Monday to gush about her love life.

"After being my best friend for over a year," JoJo began, "January 8th 2021 I got to start calling this exceptional human my Girlfriend."

"And since then," she gushed, "I’ve been the happiest I have ever been."

Photo via Instagram

"She seriously is the most loving, supportive, happiest, protective," JoJo wrote, listing her girlfriend’s qualities.

"And," she continued, "just the most beautiful perfect person in the world."

"And I get to call her mine!" JoJo raved.

"Happy one month to my girl!" JoJo expressed.

She concluded her heartmelting caption: "I love you more and more everyday!"

That is unbearably sweet. (Anyone else’s allergies suddenly acting up? Just me?)

JoJo shared a similar message on her TikTok account.

There, she left a very similar caption, praising "my human" on their one-month anniversary.

She also showered fans with a series of photos of herself with her girlfriend. These are so cute.

Photo via Instagram

JoJo dropped hints days before she came out in January of this year.

She was then a guest of Jimmy Fallon’s in early February.

This was where JoJo first confirmed that she has a girlfriend.

Photo via Instagram

In fact, JoJo shared, it was her girlfriend who encouraged her to come out publicly.

"If I lost everything that I’ve created because of being myself and because of loving who I want to love, I don’t want it," JoJo reasoned to Jimmy Fallon.

"That’s not what I want if I can’t love who I want to love;" she expressed. "That’s one of the most important things to me."

JoJo Siwa Comes Out - Best Gay Cousin Ever
Photo via Twitter

It is of course heartbreaking that JoJo even had to consider that her career could end because of who she is. But bigotry is a real part of our world.

"I do have the most amazing, wonderful, perfect, most beautiful girlfriend in the whole world," JoJo raved.

"It’s not something I’m ashamed of," she emphasized. "I just haven’t shown the internet yet."

Taking bigoted haters in stride, JoJo explained how she looks at the world.

"Even if there’s a million people that don’t accept it, there’s a hundred million that do," she noted.

A lot has changed in just a decade of time — and we are all so happy that JoJo and millions of others of her generation have opportunities to be themselves that past generations did not.

JoJo Siwa Smiles in Wonder

JoJo has also shared how accepting her parents have been — a major issue that can at times literally mean life or death for LGBTQ+ teens.

"You know what my dad said?" He said, ‘Hey man, love is universal,’" JoJo related in January.

"My parents have known," she emphasized.

Photo via Instagram

"My mom said she’s known for the last two years," JoJo revealed.

She recalled: "She was like, ‘About two years ago I was like yeah, I don’t think you only like boys and that’s totally okay.’" 

That is amazing and empowering. JoJo’s story has a chance to touch so many people and so many families.