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Caryn Chandler just purchased a new home.

This major move has prompted a handful of congratulatory messages for the Little People, Big World cast member on social media, but it has also elicited a number of furrowed brows and confused looks.

Because, well… isn’t Chandler gonna marry Matt Roloff at some point in the near future?

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff in Arizona

And, therefore, doesn’t this seem like an odd time for her to buy a fresh abode for herself?

One month ago, Matt said he was gonna propose to his long-time girlfriend before the calendar flipped to 2022.

Fast forward a few weeks and Roloff went out of his way to tell Instagram followers that Chandler was hard at work on a new piece of property.

"@carynchandler1 bought a new house. First thing @mattroloff wanted to to help her with is to get a new, better, larger deck built," wrote the father of four as a caption to the snapshot below.

He continued:

"Today was get the old deck out of the way… even @carynchandler1 showed up with boots and gloves on and happier in hand.

"This is just one of many reasons I love this lady.. she’s rough.. she’s tough… and not afraid to get dirty and get the job done."

As you can tell, Matt was prominently involved in this purchase and renovation — and he clearly states above that he’s totally in love with Chandler.

Matt and Caryn in Masks

It’s also very possible that Caryn and Matt will end up living in this house together because the former has said, unequivocally, that she has no interest in living on the farm.

At least not in the residence that Matt shared for decades with ex-wife Amy.

Which is a pretty fair and understandable stance for her to take, you know?

And yet: fans are confounded over this development.

Matt Roloff in 2020

"Why is she buying a house?" one person asked Matt online. "Aren’t you guys ever really going to combine your lives?"

"Why would she do that?" another asked, while a third chimed in as follows:

"Why don’t you guys live together?"

Caryn with Matt

They probably will at some point, and Caryn and Matt do share a roof any time they head down to Arizona.

It’s just a tad bit odd Matt wouldn’t make any mention of his future with Caryn while also telling everyone about this house.

A source, after all, recently told The Sun that the couple has been "talking about marriage" as they reach a milestone in their relationship.

And both Matt and Caryn have acknowledged this strong possibility, as well, with Chandler saying Amy Roloff is not invited to her wedding.

After three years with the TV personality, the insider revealed that Caryn wants a “no expense spared" wedding to celebrate their love.

"Caryn said they’ve talked about marriage but she thinks Matt wouldn’t drop any hints of a proposal, it would be a huge surprise," the Sun insider explained, concluding:

"They are very much in love and it will happen soon.

"They have been planning for the future for a while now."