Big Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega REUNITE 9 Months After Vicious Tell All

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90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days villain Big Ed Brown has been dating again after things ended with Rosemarie Vega.

Some fans are eager to see more of him. Others wish that he would stay gone.

Ed is returning for 90 Day: The Single Life in a few weeks, but he also appeared on Sunday's 90 Day Bares All.

In a stunning twist, Ed and Rose were reunited for the first time since their ugly, bitter breakup.

big ed brown and rosemarie "she's my queen"

Nine months after Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega last spoke, they were reunited.

To say that it was an emotional reconnection would be a massive understatement.

Ed and Rose hadn't just had a bitter breakup. They had a grueling Tell All appearance.

Big Ed Brown Drinks in His Robe

In reflection, Ed characterized the Tell All as "a bloodbath," and we do not disagree.

Ed explained that he has now moved on, not only romantically but personally and emotionally.

He expressed to host Shaun Robinson that he doesn't want Rose to be mad at him -- he wants that emotional closure for both of them.

Before The 90 Days s4 Tell All - Ed Brown, Rosemarie Vega, etc

This was Shaun's cue to reveal that they were able to get in touch with Rose ... and Rose was even willing to speak to him.

Ed apparently became choked up, expressing that he would love this opportunity.

The two were digitally reconnected for the first time.

Big Ed Brown Speaks at the Tell All

Ed apologized to Rose.

He explained to her that he had only been such a vicious dirtbag at the Tell All because he was angry and heartbroken.

That is obviously not an excuse, but it was at least an explanation.

Big Ed Brown Claims to Have the Receipts

"You've helped me in so many ways, I'm very happy," Ed praised her.

"I'm growing, I still have a lot to learn," he confessed.

"But," ed noted, "you admired me and you touched my heart, even though it didn't work out."

Big Ed Brown Photo

Rose accepted Ed's apology.

She confirmed what was obvious to us all -- that she truly loved Ed at that time.

Rose also clarified that she is no longer dating the woman whom she had begun seeing after their split.

Before The 90 Days s4 Tell All - Ed Brown vs Rosemarie Vega

Ed revealed that he had frozen his sperm and gone through with his vasectomy -- plans that he had hidden from Rose during their season.

"I'm happy for him, for whoever he wants to give his sperm to," Rose said, laughing at her own play on words.

Here's the question: does she regret her entanglement with Ed?

Rosemarie Vega on Instagram

"I don't regret it because first of all, it already happened," Rose answered.

She explained: "I accept everything, because that's the past and it became part of my life."

"And also, for me to regret it, for what? For what purpose?" Rose asked rhetorically. "Because I moved on already." 

Rosemarie Vega Sits While Big Ed Brown Walks Away Crying

For Ed's part, he was positively mushy.

"I'm happy that you're happy," he expressed to his ex.

"And I don't regret meeting you at all," Ed declared. "You changed my life, for the better. So, thank you." 

Ed Brown for 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life

In fact, the two did not rule out that they might talk again.

When Rose logged off, Ed told her: "Bye for now."

Ed's misadventures with love and rejection will air alongside those of other stars when 90 Day: The Single Life begins streaming on February 21.

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