Beyonce Loses Cousin; Rapper Martell Derouen Shot Dead

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Tragedy has struck the family of Beyonce Knowles.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, a man found dead in San Antonio, Texas last Tuesday has been identified as rapper Martell Derouen.

He's been confirmed as a cousin of Beyonce.

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Authorities reportedly discovered the body of Derouen while conducting a welfare check.

This welfare check was initiated after an unnamed person who told police that he/she hadn’t heard from him for several days.

Welfare checks are often a last resort for loved ones. In this case, their worry was sadly justified.

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Derouen performed under the name Kardone -- and was signed to The Orchard, a Sony Music label.

Local police, meanwhile, have said that 21-year old Sasha Skare is the main suspect in Derouen's death.

The cops are still searching for Skare, who was also allegedly involved in a shooting in North Austin in 2019.

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Per the aforementioned newspaper, Officers arrived at Derouen's apartment complex at about noon last Tuesday.

There, authorities asked maintenance staff to help them get inside.

Tragically, responding officers found Derouen deceased from a gunshot wound.

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A San Antonio-based musician, Derouen was widely known in his area as Beyonce’s cousin.

The two were cousins through her maternal grandmother Agnéz Deréon.

This is the grandmother after whom Tina Knowles named her fashion line, House of Deréon.

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Derouen was determined to be known by his own name as well, as music was his passion.

His Spotify bio reads as follows:

“In the last few years, he’s changed that narrative with his own musical pursuits.”

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Of being related to maybe the most popular solo artist on the planet?

“That’s not even something he would even mention to people,” Brian Mitchell, who owns Fyngermade Studio, told a local news outlet.

“We’d just have to put in his bios because it’s just, it’s worthy to put it in there," he explained.

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Brian clarified: "But he doesn’t like stuff like that."

Not everyone who is related to already famous celebrities craves their level of limelight, or doesn't want to get there on their onw.

"He was just a real subtle dude, quiet," Brian said in characterization of Derouen.

cousin shooter

Derouen's wife, Joia, told the Express-News that her husband was a loving man and the victim of a "senseless act."

There is "no way to replace him but please help us find this girl," she wrote in a statement to the publication, referring to Skare.

Joia had more to say of her husband's alleged killer.

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"She is dangerous and I do believe she will kill again," Skare warned. "If you see her, please contact the police."

While the manhunt for Skare continues, Mitchell has joined the influx of people questioning why anyone would murder such a gentle soul, explaining:

”It’s like hurting a butterfly.”

We send our condolences to the friends, family members and loved ones of Martell Derouen.

The pain that they are now experiencing will never fully go away, but we hope that justice will bring them closure.

May he rest in peace.

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