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Amber Portwood was not nominated for Mother of the Year in 2020.

And, yes, we know it’s early, but we doubt any tree limbs are gonna break for us going too far out on any of them when we say the following:

Amber Portwood will not be nominated for Mother of the Year in 2021, either.

Amber Portwood Montage

This is juat an educated guess we’re willing to take… considering Portwood’s daughter keeps asking Amber about her recent prison stint.

Awkward, right?

Even Portwood would likely admit she hasn’t been the best role model to 12-year old daughter Leah or two-year old son James.

Heck, she was arrested in July 2019 for allegedly attacking then-boyfriend Andrew Glennon while he was holding James in his arms — and Glennon has since said Amber never really sees the toddler.

Amber Portwood and, Yes, Her Daughter

As we type this, Amber is on terrible terms with both Glennon and her first baby daddy, Gary Shirley.

Late last month, the latter said he was totally done and finished with Portwood after Amber went on a social media tirade amid the airing of a Teen Mom OG episode.

"You guys are two-faced and you’re liars," Amber ranted after viewers saw Shirley and his wife, Kristina, trashing Portwood a bit on air.

"There’s not gonna be any more lies said about me anymore," she added.

"This immaturity is ignorance, so I’m not gonna keep my mouth shut anymore. It’s not happening."

Amber Portwood Stares

It’s all become rather ugly and chaotic between Amber and her exes… and yet:

Portwood recently said she’s open to having another child. At least one other child, we should emphasize.

“If I found the right person that educated themselves a bit on a few things, yeah, I would definitely want more kids,” Portwood told Us Weekly last week via video interview, saying a whole lot with just a few words.

Amber, James, and Andrew

For starters: No. Just no, Amber.

You do not need to have any other children. Just focus on repairing your relationship with your currrent children, okay?

Secondly: If I found the right person that educated themselves a bit on a few things

That’s quite the qualifier, isn’t it?

Amber Portwood with Young Son

It sounds very much as if Portwood thinks most of the issues she’s gone through — via her children and/or in her love life in general — are due to the flaws of her partners.

She isn’t taking much responsibility when she says the other person if the one who must be educated.

Does Amber really think she’s an expert at this point? On parenting? On romance?

On anything at all?

Amber, Sort of with a Mask

For the record, Shirley has custody of Leah and has had it for years.

Portwood and Glennon are battling over custody of James, with Amber having remained silent for awhile — but with sources now alleging she’s prepared to fight.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Portwood said her ideal baby daddy is someone “who wants to be a caregiver, just like me and likes to take care of people, just as much as I like to take care of others."

We’re trying not to laugh out loud over this statement.

Amber Portwood with Child

"It has to be mutual [caretaking],” Amber added, making it sounds as if she doesn’t even care if she lives with this hypothetical lover and son or daughter.

“I want to have 50/50 [custody]," she concluded.

"If I don’t have 50/50, which I don’t believe I’ve ever had, ever, then no."