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There are a lot of disgusting things about actor and rapper T.I. that fans already knew about.

These pale in comparison to the accusations now leveled at him by at least 15 different women.

Be warned that those coming forward are describing violence, sexual assault, drugging, and coercion.

So many women are making the same horrifying allegations about T.I. and about Tiny.

T.I. Scares Us
Photo via Getty Images for BET

When Atlanta native Sabrina Peterson accused Clifford T.I. Harris of having held a gun to her head when she was 28, she never expected what came of it.

At the time, she was explaining why she had been so critical of T.I. for so many years and sharing her trauma.

The result was woman after woman taking to Instagram to tell theglamuniversity their own horror stories about T.I.

T.I. allegations IG - Tiny is the worst of the two

Tiny was called the “ringleader” and “worst” abuser by one anonymous woman, who described being threatened with a canceled plane ticket if she did not do drugs with the couple.

Worse, this woman describes waking up to learn that she had been “given” to a couple of T.I.’s friends.

To be clear, this is an allegation of both coercion and sexual assault.

T.I. and Tiny Cottle Picture

You will see a lot of allegations of pressure and threats related to drug use in this post.

At one point, T.I. allegedly tried to convince a pair of teenage girls — both minors at the time — to take drugs with him.

Whether this was for his alleged enjoyment or to be used as blackmail is unclear.

T.I. allegations IG - neurological issues from heavy molly use

One woman describes having been around them for two years, seeing many crazy things in that time.

She says that she now has neurological issues from taking so much molly during that time.

Additionally, this alleged witness says that giving women a way to speak out against T.I. may save lives.

T.I. on the Red Carpet
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T.I. is accused of referring to women as his “cattle.”

It’s no one’s business how (consenting) individuals choose to roleplay, but in context, this sounds more like human trafficking.

This particular witness offered to be interviewed anonymously for a documentary on T.I.

T.I. allegations IG - referred to the girls as his

Another harrowing allegation describes T.I. and Tiny kicking in the door of the person’s next door neighbors.

The children were allegedly forced to hide in a closet.

Allegedly, the husband was beaten and kidnapped in some capacity.

Tameka Harris and T.I.
Photo via Getty Images for PUMA

This is of course simply a witness’ description, but they say that Tiny, at least, returned to the house.

It is unclear what possible motive there could be.

But the witness describes the family suffering to this day as a result. Trauma and fear will do that.

T.I. allegations IG - kidnapped and terrorized neighbor family

That particular description matches up very closely with some of what Sabrina Peterson described.

Elsewhere, T.I. is described as having withheld phones from women while taking turns using them for sex.

One woman recalls seeing a woman beg to be allowed to leave but denied her phone to call a car. 

She also reported being haunted by seeing a woman passed out after an apparent overdose.

Another woman who was born in Jamaica but grew up in Brooklyn spoke of how her nationality and her family’s immigration status were used as blackmail.

She says that she moved in with her cousin, who lived just a few houses away from T.I. and Tiny at the time.

T.I. allegations IG - Jamaican, attacked and punched 01 of 02

According to this woman, T.I. was “enjoying” her “too much” for Tiny’s liking.

The results? She says that Tiny physically attacked her.

What made it worse was when she defended herself, T.I. punched her and choked her.

T.I. allegations IG - Jamaican, attacked and punched 02 of 02

And then, she describes, T.I. followed that violence by threatening that if she told anyone, he would retaliate by having her family deported.

An undocumented or even a legal immigration status can make women appealing targets for exploitation and violence.

No one wants to get themselves or their loved ones deported. This woman says that she left town and restarted her life without telling a soul.

Another woman describes how she went with a friend who is a stripper.

She was not allowed into T.I.’s home, she alleges, until she took an ecstacy pill.

Apparently, she and her friend did not actually take the pills, but pretended to, and then had sex in exchange for a sizable payment.

T.I. allegations IG - wouldn't let us in until we took an X pill

That woman claims that T.I. becomes like a different person during sex.

She also describes Tiny as being the “leader,” which she found strange. All of it was alarming enough that she did not return.

We have to emphasize that these are anonymous allegations. However, the volume of them suggests that a more formal investigation may follow. We all want the truth, no matter how alarming it may be.