Scheana Shay Calls Out Troll Who Said She Wants to Kill Her Baby

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Welp, you did it Internet.

Despite mounting evidence over the years that you could no longer take us by surprise, you went ahead and did it.

You shocked us with a new depth to which you have sunk.

Congratulations? We guess?

Scheana Marie Shay and Her Bump

On Wednesday, January 6, Scheana Shay -- who is pregnant with her first child -- asked social media followers to submit questions on her Instagram Story for her next Youtube vlog.

While some queries centered on whether the Vanderpump Rules star is afraid to introduce her child to her cat ... or whether she is frightened to give birth in Los Angeles due rising COVID-19 cases...

... one response was especially alarming.

More than that, it was downright depressing and extremely troubling.

Scheana Marie Shay on the Slopes

"Can I push hard on your baby," one person actually submitted. "To kill it."

Like we said at the outset of this post: Yes, the Internet can still sink to pathetic new lows.

“This is by far the worst one I’ve ever received,” the Bravo personality captioned a screenshot on her Instagram Story, adding of the awful troll:

“And this bitch has a photo with a kid in her profile!!!! Wow!!!”

Scheana Shay Pregnancy Pic

The veteran reality star had previously fired back at negativity ahead of her first baby's arrival.

When the “Scheananigans With Scheana Shay” podcast host said in a November 2020 installment that she planned to pierce her baby’s ears, she knew it would bring along some backlash.

So she got ahead of it and stated simply:

“Go ahead and judge me.”

Scheana Shay at Hills Premiere

Shay confirmed in late October that she and boyfriend Brock Davies were expecting.

"IT’S ALL HAPPENING APRIL 2021!!! We are expecting our rainbow baby!!!" Scheana captioned a photo at the time, making the announcement just four months after sharing a heart-breaking development with followers:

That she had suffered a miscarriage.

Davies, meanwhile, commented on the social media upload at the time as follows:

“We did a thing honey. I’m so happy I have you to balance me out, I love you honey. Congratulations to us!”

Scheana Marie, Boyfriend

Along very similar lines, Stassi Schroeder -- who was fired by Bravo last year -- is also pregnant.

Same for  Lala Kent.

Shay’s mom, Erika van Olphen, therefore stepped in to set the record straight in October 2020 amid speculation that her daughter had conceived as part of a trend.

(Seriously, Internet... shape up!)

Scheana Shay and Brock Davies Together

“First of all, if you truly knew Scheana and or followed her on her YouTube channel, you would know that she has struggled with fertility for years,” Olphen tweeted at the time.

“She has gone through two rounds of freezing her eggs and while deciding to possibly do a third round, she was blessed with a pregnancy.

"After [she suffered a miscarriage], her doctor advised her to wait one ovulation/one period cycle and she could try again!

"For those who said she should’ve waited six months, she followed doc’s orders. After waiting over a month, to our surprise she got pregnant again.

"Yes, she was scared but so very grateful!!”

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