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If you’re a longtime follower of the Duggar family, the name Lawson Bates probably rings a bell.

Lawson is one of the stars of Bringing Up Bates, which is sort of a Counting On knockoff that also focuses on an absurdly oversized family of fundamentalists.

Over the years, there have been reports that Lawson is courting Jana Duggar, as well as just about every one of her sisters who falls within his age range.

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Those rumors have all turned out to be bogus, and now we have a better idea as to why.

You see, Lawson has no time for romantic relationships.

That’s because his true love is violent insurrection.

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As you’ve no doubt heard by now, hundreds of rioters stormed the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday in the sort of humiliating episode that made the rest of the world wonder exactly when America became a Third World banana republic.

The mob claimed it was protesting the certification of Joe Biden as president.

But since there was no legitimate grounds for objection, they were really just throwing a fit because the election didn’t turn out in their favor.

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If there’s any upside to this shameful display it’s the fact that hundreds of violent morons have hopefully rendered themselves unemployable for life after posing for photographs while terrorizing members of Congress.

And one of those morons is none other than Lawson Bates.

As you can see in the tweet below, Lawson was on hand at the Great Tantrum, smiling alongside his dipsh-t compatriots as they accomplished absolutely nothing aside from smashing a few windows, getting someone killed, and damaging their cause.

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"Idk if anyone will see but this man was at the trump mob in DC … His name is Lawson Bates," the original tweet reads.

"He is singer + in the TV show bringing up bates," the author of the tweet continues.

"Thought some of his 29k followers would like to know, but people who support radical Christians aren’t the type to care about white supremacy."

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That tweet was quoted and retweeted by people who rightly demanded a response from the network heads who helped to make Lawson semi-famous.

"Duggar and Bates fundie watchers. Lawson Bates was one of the people at this insurrection," one person tweeted.

"@TLC  I know Lawson isn’t on a show on your network but those two families hang out together. You need to cancel the Duggar family show NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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Others speculated as to how any grown man who is the product of what seems to be a stable and supportive family could possibly find himself involved in such an idiotic endeavor.

"It’s almost as if a woefully inaquadate homeschool education plus a full fundie indoctrination is a dangerous combination," one person tweeted.

"Give them fame and money and…well…"

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Neither the Duggar nor the Bates families have publicly commented on the situation, and it seems unlikely that they ever will.

TLC and WeTV (the network that hosted Bringing Up Bates) have also remained mum.

That’s not surprising, as the Bates series has been on indefinite hiatus for quite some time now.

Hopefully, other media outlets who are considering doing business with Lawson and his family will take one look at this mess and run like hell.