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Last week, 90 Day Fiance fans were roasting Elizabeth Potthast for an epic OnlyFans fail.

Many felt that it was hypocritical of her to even use the platform, given some of her past comments.

Larissa Lima, who was on the receiving end of those comments, could not agree more.

She is reading Libby for filth — calling her a total hypocrite.

Photo via Instagram

Libby and Andrei took a jab at Larissa’s OnlyFans career at last year’s Tell All for Happily Ever After?

In the process, they insulted every single stripper and plenty of other sex workers.

While the stars are encouraged to fight each other, she clearly crossed a line.

Elizabeth Potthast is Optimistic
Photo via TLC

Fast-forward to January 2021, and Elizabeth is attempting to have her own OnlyFans career.

While sex work is valid and does not deserve stigma, that doesn’t mean that everyone is good at it.

Libby ended up getting roasted when OnlyFans subscribers saw a tampon string dangling between her thighs as she posed for "sexy" pics. Now, Larissa is roasting her.

Larissa Lima Plays Coy on Instagram

"Pay attention to the strippers and sex workers you’ve disrespected," Larissa wrote on her Instagram Story over the weekend.

"A tampon string dangling between your thighs," she mocked, "and photos of your silly ass in granny panties."

"Pay attention to the very people you spit on but are trying to emulate," Larissa added. "Maybe you will earn a few bucks."

Larissa had more to say, however, because the topic of hypocrisy reminded her of some fairweather friendships.

According to her, the only friends who checked in on or took care of her after her plastic surgeries were Eric and Julia.

Julia is not especially familiar to fans, but Eric Nichols is of course her on-again, off-again boyfriend, an ottery hottie who has appeared on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? alongside her.

In fact, Larissa says that these two friends were the only ones who really even wished her well.

Not everyone can (or should!) stop by to check on someone post-op, especially during a pandemic, but sending a message of well-wishes is different.

For that matter … we here at THG have wished Larissa well on more than one procedure. It’s just basic politeness.

It’s unclear if Larissa is also taking aim at Carmen Nys (who, of course, gave her a place to stay for months in 2019 after she fled Colt Johnson’s house).

However, in a Q&A, she did share with a fan that some of her "friends" have treated her differently during her journey to fame.

Sadly, this is not an uncommon phenomenon.

Larissa is winding down her OnlyFans career and has announced a new charity project.

"With the generosity of people around the world, ordering Cameos from me for the last two years, I am here today," Larissa wrote in an Instagram post.

"From this moment on," she revealed, "I am donating all money I earn with Cameo to charities."

Larissa Lima Flaunts a Cute Outfit

The charitable cause is one near and dear to her heart — and something that she has experienced herself.

"As it is something I went through," Larissa wrote, "my focus is the victims of domestic violence inflicted on immigrants in the US. "

Spouses and partners who can be threatened with deportation if they report or even object to abuse are particularly vulnerable to creepy, controlling predators.

Larissa Lima Looks Cute in Glasses
Photo via Instagram

But just because Larissa is quitting OnlyFans doesn’t mean that she is done streaming.

Earlier this month, she announced that she will be streaming on Twitch.

Larissa is going to play video games live and broadcast them to viewers — something that can be an extremely lucrative career for those who succeed at it.

Larissa Lima - I'm a nerd inside

Larissa’s first game, she says, will be Bloodborne, a widely praised gothic fantasy RPG with Lovecraftian horror elements.

The premise of the game is deeply unsettling — a world where churchgoers are transforming into monsters — and the gameplay is said to be difficult.

It should be entertaining to watch Larissa play her way through it. The monsters should be fairly warned: who is against the queen will die!