Jana Duggar: I Have GOT to Get Out of My Daddy's House of Horrors!

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While some of her siblings became engaged and even married in their teens, the only man in Jana Duggar's life is Jesus.

She is 30 years old and has less autonomy and independence than most 16-year-olds.

An "old maid" by the standards of the Duggar cult, Jana will never be allowed to move out until she is married off.

It's driving Jana up the wall, and she's desperate for change.

Jana Duggar Spills the Tea

An inside source spoke to The Sun about how the eldest Duggar daughter is coping with perpetual servitude under his eye -- that is, under perpetual control of Jim Bob.

"Jana is very independent and more alpha compared to her sisters," the insider observes.

"But," the source explains, "she can't get a place of her own until she meets someone her family approves of.

Jana Duggar is Single

It's not just that Jana cannot move in with a boyfriend -- if she had one.

Control is everything in the Duggar cult, which means that no one is even permitted to live alone.

""The Duggars are so religious, they wouldn't agree with her moving out and living alone," the insider comments.

Jana Duggar with Flowers

The source continues: "Or living with a friend or boyfriend."

The insider then understates: "it's frowned upon."

The source admits that "it's ridiculous but it's how it's always been."

Jana Duggar on Vacation

"She wants to fly the nest," the insider confirms.

"But it's hard as she has to find the right guy," the source reasons.

"Which is a goal for all of the girls," the insider continues, "and she hates being the last single sister."

Jana Wears Pants on Jessa's Instagram

"Jana likes doing things on her own and enjoys DIY," the source accurately describes.

"She's not the type who needs looking after in any way," the insider adds.

"But," the source shares, "she's really ready to move out and live her own life."

Jana Duggar in a Skirt

Dating at 30 is tough within a cult where teen marriages are normalized. And she never gets a chance to truly know someone.

"Her dates are usually chaperoned," the insider notes.

The source adds: "Even though she's 30 years old, she can't be alone with a man."

Jana Duggar with Mom

Sadly, Jim Bob is unlikely to make an exception for Jana.

"It's the way it's always been in the family," the insider explains.

"So," the source continues, "it makes it harder for her."

Jana Duggar on the Beach

"She also can't just join a dating app like other women her age," the insider reminds fans.

"It's just not the done thing for the Duggars," the source explains, prompting us to imagine what a fundamentalist dating app would look like.

"And," the insider notes, "they often meet their spouses through family connections."

Jana Duggar Instagram Picture

Not everyone gets married or even has a partner in life.

They may be asexual, aromantic, both, simply not find the right person, or not interested in sharing a home.

But the extreme Duggar ideology doesn't allow room for individual thought or freedom -- there is one way of doing things, and it's Jim Bob's.

Jana Duggar Gardens

To that end, Jana's only key to freedom is to find a spouse.

She can't date normally, so she must meet her potential husband through a chaperoned courtship within the cult.

Those restrictions narrow her options considerably. Her age makes it even harder. And she has to choose carefully -- as her family will never allow her to divorce.

Duggar, Jana Photo

Some fans, frustrated with Jana's predicament, ask why she cannot simply leave the house. She's an adult, not Jim Bob's captive like her minor siblings.

The answer of course is financial control and the threat of being cut off from her family.

Yes, Jana could leave, quickly do interviews and get a book deal for money to support herself ... but that would take time. And she might never see her siblings or niblings again.

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