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Let’s get this out of the way up front:

Isabel Rock is okay.

She’s not in any sort of immediate danger and there’s no cause for major concern right now when it comes to Jacob Roloff’s wife.

Isabel Rock in a Hat

So, why is Isabel updating fans about her health status? Why is she talking about a trip to the emergency room?

We’ll let the former Little People, Big World star explain.

"So this has been the year of health for me. Meaning my 24th year," she explained on her Instagram Stories this week, adding in a bit more detail:

"The decision to be more health-conscious came after a scary trip to the ER with a burst ovarian cyst."

Isabel Rock health

We documented this trip in June of last year, along with Isabel’s subsequent message of hope she wrote to fan.

"I didn’t even have health insurance at the time, but then immediately following that I knew I needed to get it. It was an incredibly scary experience and kind of shook me a bit," Isabel continued.

This does make some sense.

Isabel and husband Jacob don’t really have steady jobs.

They spent most of their time driving around the Pacific Northwest with their two dogs, enjoying all nature has to offer.

Isabel Rock health 2

In another post, Isabel went on:

"After I got health insurance, I decided to take full advantage and look into the things I’d been long avoiding.

"For one, I started going to therapy. Which is a matter of health, mental health."

Yes, it is. And Isabel has been very open of late when it comes to struggles in this important area.

Isabel Rock on Her Gram

"Then I went for stomach pain I started noticing during my yoga teacher training, and it turned out to be gallstones," Isabel posted a couple days ago.

Yikes, huh?

We’re glad Rock now has the resources to get checked out by a doctor without concerns about mounting medical debt.

Lord know she has plenty of other things to worry about these days.

Jacob and Isabel Rolloff on a Hike

Earlier this month, Isabel posted about her long-running feud with her in-laws, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff, for example.

"Hi. I needed some space from this space. My anxious breathing happens on & off," she wrote, not long after making it clear what she thought of Audrey’s self-promotion.

"Different things trigger it but honestly interactions with people on here can send me spiraling and make my anxiety worse more than anything. An obvious sign I should pull back.

"Just going to take it day by day – love y’all."

Isabel Rock, Up Close

Isabel also recently slammed a troll who accused her husband of lying about his past sexual abuse by a former producer on the Little People, Big World.

"Actually disgusting. Putting your vile words on blast for the entire world to see," she wrote in response at the time, accurately.

"This. This is why people don’t speak up. Awful. People like this."