Chelsea Houska: Look at My Belly! I'm Ready to Pop!

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Chelsea Houska is ready, you guys.

Or, perhaps this iis a better way to put it:

The tiny human growing inside of Chelsea Houska is ready... to come out and meet the world.

cole and chels

On January 1, the now-former Teen Mom 2 star took to her Instagram account and made it rather evident that she's getting close to giving birth.

She did so by sharing a new photo of her baby bump -- her very large and precious baby bump -- along with a caption that reads as follows:

"Running out of room in there!"

Pretty funny, right? And, take a look down below... pretty darn true as well.

houska bump

Chelsea and husband Cole DeBoer share two kids, while the latter also has one daughter with ex Adam Lind.

In August, Houska revealed that she and her beloved are expecting her fourth child.

We don't know her exact due date, but we do know she's gonna have a girl.

Back in August, Chelsea broke this exciting news to her social media followers in very cute and very creative fashion.

Chelsea Houska on Insta

On an unfinished wall in her new home, the ex-MTV personality wrote out all the names of her family ... and at the bottom of the list, she added:


Short. Simple. Miraculous.

In her caption for the same, Houska wrote: "One more DeBoer! Coming early 2021."

A Tongue for Cole

In the months since this major announcement, Houska has kept fans apprised of her status via a number of baby bump photos -- and she's also confirmed a huge life change.

Houska has left Teen Mom 2.

"Our next chapter in life will focus on developing our brand and taking things to the next level with new endeavors and expanding family businesses," said Chelsea on November 10, adding:

"Please tune into our last moments on the show and continue to follow along our journey on social media.

We are so excited for this next phase of our lives and hope you all will be a part of it in some way!"

Flower Child

Houska's final episode as a full-time cast member aired last week, and Cole quickly followed up afterward with a beautiful tribute to his pregnant wife.

"I am wanting to just congratulate my sweet perfect wife for being apart of a show about her life for such a long time and being able to have control and know what she truly wanted in life," DeBoer wrote online.

"If you always watched from the beginning you will know how much shit Chelsea has made it through, she is tough as nails, such a badass. Birthed our last child without even having a Tylenol.

"I look up to her."

Chelsea Houska and Amazing Husband

Concluded Cole in this same sweet statement:

She has came full circle on the show and I can’t even put into words how proud I am of her and how lucky and grateful I am to have her as my wife!

There are so many ladies out there that could use advice or that can truly learn things just by watching and following my wife’s story. I am beyond proud of her and she has become such a badass already that I know the sky is the limit for her.

We truly are grateful and appreciate all of you who tuned in and followed Our story. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You.

I wish all of you tackle your dreams and become who you truly want to be, 2021 is a new year, a fresh start. Let’s all kick some ass!

Cole DeBoer Cradles Chelsea Houska Baby Bump on Christmas Morning

We love it.

And we love these two together.

We can't wait to meet their next child! 

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