90 Day Fiance Shocker: Molly Hopkins' Daughter Olivia Arrested for Battery

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Molly Hopkins' relationship with Luis Mendez ended quickly and bitterly.

Even so, she has remained a fixture on 90 Day Fiance and a fan-favorite on Pillow Talk.

Her daughter from a previous relationship, Olivia, is a beautiful young woman at 21 years old.

But Olivia was arrested ... after allegedly hitting Molly!

Molly Hopkins and Daughter Olivia

According to legal documents, 21-year-old Olivia Wrynn Hopkins was charged with misdemeanor simple battery last year.

Olivia is accused of having "struck" her 45-year-old mother.

The documents describe her hitting Molly "multiple times in the head leaving a clearly visible red mark and kicked the victim in the leg."

Olivia Hopkins Selfie

Reportedly, the incident was witnessed by an unidentified third party.

This arrest took place in October of 2020.

The alleged incident went down in Molly's home in Woodstock, Georgia.

Molly Hopkins Pouts

Olivia was released on a $1,500 bond following her arrest.

Days later, she signed a bond agreement promising to "not approach or communicate" with her mother without exception.

She also promised that she "shall stay away" from her mother, along with "any bar or establishment serving intoxicating liquor, beer, or wine, and any place of Disrepute."

Olivia Hopkins in the Sunlight

Olivia was given 48 hours following her release from jail to move out of Molly's home.

Additionally, Olivia agreed that she could not "possess any dangerous weapons, nor be present at any location where [they] may be found."

Additionally, she could not "possess or consume any intoxicating liquor or drug, without prescription, or be present at any location where [they] may be found."

Molly Hopkins Flaunts Weight Loss

Notably, just as Olivia is not accused of wielding a weapon during the incident, the bond agreement does not necessarily mean that she is accused of having been intoxicated at the time.

Often, bond agreements and probation orders alike attempt to mitigate the risk of releasing a person from custody.

Someone who is poorly behaved while sober should probably not be drunk, at least for a little while. Alcohol rarely improves behavior.

Olivia Hopkins and an Ocean View

In November, Olivia's attorney filed a motion asking the court to adjust the bond agreement.

The goal was to allow Olivia to move back into Molly's home.

All of the other conditions -- avoiding alcohol, drugs, weapons, and whatever the hell a place of Disrepute is -- are to remain in place.

Molly Hopkins Mugshot

Olivia has an upcoming arraignment, scheduled for January 21.

It is unclear what the outcome is expected to be, as Molly has not spoken publicly about this.

If Molly is fine with Olivia living with her again, as the November motion suggests, she may be planning to drop charges ... but that is unclear. Molly does have her own criminal history.

90 Day Fiance Couple Luis and Molly

Molly of course appeared on Season 5 of 90 Day Fiance, after having met the much younger Luis Mendez while on vacation.

They hit things off quickly, and soon Molly brought Luis over with cameras to film it all.

Like most couples on the show, they did end up marrying. Like a number of them, however, it did not last.

Luis Mendez and Molly Hopkins

Luis and Molly divorced only months into their marriage.

Five months later, Luis was marrying another young woman.

Molly wished them well, albeit shadily, noting that the remarriage was evidence that Luis had just been using her.

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