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Stephen Bear put quite a scare into his social media followers this weekend.

A former lead star on MTV’s The Challenge, Bear made headlines several days ago after ex-girlfriend Georgia Harrison accused him of revenge porn.

Specifically, she accused Bear of filming a sexual encounter between the ex-lovers back when they were an item… and then showing it to multiple friends.

Stephen Bear Picture

In response to this troubling allegation, Bear first posted a message on Instagram that reads as follows:

In light of recent events I wish to make an official statement.

Footage has been shared online that has led to some serious false allegations being made about me. I am very upset and shocked about these allegations which are completely untrue.

I will not address in any detail spurious speculation building online.

I feel the commentary surrounding this is aimed to defame my character, to destroy my career and my life. I will no longer be commenting or adding fuel to this subject.

Earlier this month, Harrison went public with her accusations against Bear, with whom she starred on two seasons of The Challenge.

"I feel hurt, I feel violated, I feel embarrassed but I also feel like my friends and followers will support me through this and I can’t stay silent on the matter any longer," she wrote at the time.

Georgia also asked fans what sort of jail time Bear might face if he released their sex tape to the public.

Without her consent, that is.

Georgia Harrison and Stephen Bear
Photo via Instagram

On Sunday, meanwhile, Bear posted a video that had followers very concerned for his well-being — or, if they were being cynical, convinced he was just trying to garner their sympathy.

In the 90-second long piece of footage, Bear grows verry emotional while saying he “just wants to make people happy, but it’s never good enough.”

He also mentions “voices in my head” and claims he’s been given medication but is “not going to take it.”

Towards the end of the clip, he apologizes to “anyone who’s ever loved [him].” 

Perhaps scariest of all?

This caption that Stephen penned: "The only time goodbye is painful is when you know you’ll never say hello again."

Many followers responded with a great deal of concern over Bear, but a few others questioned the authenticity of Bear’s video.

They pointed out a disturbing video that Bear had posted just days before –in which he “joked” about doing “the ultimate narcissist move” of faking his suicide in order to “make everyone feel sorry for [him]."

Photo via Instagram

We can’t pretend to know the answer here.

However, Bear also revealed this weekend that his visa had been “sorted” and he was getting ready to look at some apartments in preparation to make “some serious moves over in Dubai.”

“Couldn’t think of anything worse than living in England,” he added.

“If you was hating before this will send you over the edge my next move.”

Bear has not posted anything since this note.

We truly hope he’s doing okay.