Sammi Giancola's Net Worth Revealed: She's Still Super Rich!

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When the world learned that Jersey Shore would be returning to MTV, the news was accompanied by the surprising revelation that one of the original and best-loved cast members had decided to opt out.

After four seasons, Sammi Giancola still hasn't appeared on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, much to the chagrin of her fans.

Sammi Sweetheart Giancola Pic

But don't weep for Sammi's bank account, because it seems that Ms. Sweetheart is still doing just fine.

When she retired from her career as a reality star, Giancola devoted herself to entrepreneurship.

She's launched several successful business ventures in the years since she left Shore, but the one that receives most of her time and attention these days is an online clothing and jewelery retailer called Sweetheart Styles.

Samantha Giancola

And if you're wondering what an established name and a little bit of bunsiness savvy can accomplish, wonder no longer:

According to multiple outlets, Sammi's net worth is somewhere in the neighborhood of $4 million.

Yes, she may have benefited greatly from her fame, and the salary she earned during her years on Shore, but Sammi deserves a world of credit for investing and saving.

Sammi Giancola, Styled Selfie

Too many twenty-something reality stars have the tendendy to spend, spend, spend, and it seems that Sammi learned from their example.

And she didn't have to look to far to see the consequences of poor money management.

It was just last year that Shore star Mike Sorrentino was released from prison after serving eight months on tax evasion charges.

Mike Sorrentino in the Gym

People in Mike's situation (no pun intended) have no choice but to return to reality TV when the network execs come calling.

(Sorrentino seems to enjoy his role on the show; we're just using him as an example.)

It's a situation that the recently fired stars of Vanderpump Rules will likely find themselves in soon.

Christian Biscardi

But Sammi played it smart, and now, she's parlayed her financial success into financial freedom.

And that's not the only area in which she's found success.

Sammi is currently engaged to Christian Biscardi, whom she's described as "the love of her life."

Sammi Giancola Wedding Selfie

Those who know her best say they've never seen Gianbcola happier.

She and Christian were recently forced to delay their wedding due to the pandemic, but recent photos that appeared to show Sammi in a wedding dress have sparked rumors that she'll be tying the knot before the end of the year.

"I get to marry my other half, best friend and soulmate," an excited Sammi said in her engagement announcement last year.

Sammi Sweetheart Engagement Pic

When she revealed that she would not be returning to Jersey Shore, Sammi attributed the decision to her desire to avoid "toxic environments," and many fans interpreted that as her way of saying she wants to avoid her ex-boyfriend, Ronnie Magro,

Of course, these days Ronnie is sober, he's a father, and he seems equally eager to avoid toxic interactions.

So who knows? Maybe Sammi will eventually be able to safely re-join the cast of Shore.

But if not, at least she's got a comfortable nest egg to lean back on.

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