Melyza Zeta to 90 Day Fiance Fans: I'm Expecting Twins!

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Melyza Zeta and Tim Clarkson's story came to a painful pause before the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way finale aired.

But they didn't break up. And now fans have just one question ... is Melyza pregnant?

Melyza Zeta Smiles Into the Mirror

It is usually considered extremely rude to ask if someone is pregnant, especially if you are responding to their looks.

It's just bad manners, even if you don't mean it maliciously.

For some reason, when some fans got a look at the above photo of Melyza, they decided to pepper her comments with the question.

Melyza Zeta IG - twins

"Are you pregnant?" inquired one Instagram follower.

"Twins," reads Melyza's one-word reply.

"Awww, that's so awesome," the follower replied with likely more sincerety than Melyza's answer warranted.

Melyza Zeta IG - hopefully twins

Another Instagram commenter replied with a baby emoji and a question mark.

"Hopefully twins!" reads Melyza's reply.

"Congrats, girl," writes the follower. "Such an exciting time."

Tim Clarkson and Melyza Zeta kiss as a pre-goodbye

Melyza doesn't say whether this "pregnancy" is with Tim Clarkson or with a new boyfriend.

(After all, we do not yet know if they are still together -- their relationship was complicated)

In fact, she doesn't say much of anything other than "twins" and "hopefully twins."

Tim Clarkson and Melyza Zeta hold hands before leaving

Folks ... I'm not sure how to tell you this, but "hopefully twins" is really not a statement that any person ready to announce their pregnancy has made in decades.

Why? Because you're either having twins or you're not. This isn't ancient times (or Star Wars).

There's no actual reason to think that Melyza was doing anything other than being sarcastic at fans who asked a majorly impertinent and somewhat insulting question.

Melyza Zeta IG - tongue-in-cheek comebacks

As you can see, Melyza is a big fan of lovingly trolling her fans and critics alike.

She jokes that she and Tim will continue to "cheat" on each other for the extended future (note: Melyza never cheated on Tim, even if it did hurt his big boy feelings that she dated other people).

And Melyza replies to another comment by thanking them for voicing their opinion, saying that she and Tim will immediately take the commeter's advice. That is, folks, sarcasm.

Melyza Zeta IG - it's not as easy when love happens to you

When Melyza is being sincere on social media, you can tell, on account of the palpable sincerity.

For example, she acknowledges that the usual advice for someone who is cheated on and who is facing other relationship hurdles is simply to end things.

But she says that experiencing it yourself when you're in love makes that easier said than done.

Melyza Zeta cries - I'm gonna miss him a lot

Melyza also shared with another sympathetic commenter her strategy for coping with the deluge of haters.

She notes that there are a ton of good people out there leaving positive comments.

But also, Melyza is emotionally grounded and has a solid support system upon which she can fall back as needed.

Melyza Gives Tim a Kiss

Are she and Tim still together? We don't know.

However, her comment about wanting to make it work despite obstacles has huge "we're still together" vibes.

People often view relationships differently when they are in the past tense rather than part of their present.

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