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As if 2020 weren’t weird enough already, folks.

Infamous boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr has announced his next opponent: Logan Paul.

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul promo

This week, it was announced that Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul would be entering the ring together.

This is not a metaphor. They’re not going to play Among Us or Smash Bros for charity or something.

The two of them will engage in a full-on boxing match. One, a widely disgraced boxing champion. The other, a controversial YouTuber.

Logan Paul, Tiny Mustache
Photo via Instagram

This will be an exhibition bout.

The bout will take place on February 20, 2021.

A date like that might sound like part of the distant future, but it’s less than two-and-a-half months away.

Floyd is 43 years old. He is widely considered to be one of the best boxers in the sport’s history.

He has a 50-0 record — flawless — and has 27 KOs under his belt.

Now, Floyd has not been in an official fight since 2017. At that time, he defeated Connor McGregor via TKO in McGregor’s boxing debut.

Logan Paul Selfie
Photo via Instagram

After winning that fight, the victorious Floyd announced his retirement.

It is not uncommong for boxers to retire young, often for medical reasons.

Boxing is even more devastating to brain health than football, which is saying a lot. Many older boxers experience severe neurological issues.

On the other end of the experience spectrum is Logan Paul, best known for his controversial vlogging and for being kind of a thirst trap.

He has taken part in just one prfoessional boxing match.

In 2019, Logan boxed British YouTube star and rapper, KSI, in a split decision.

So if they have such widely different backgrounds … why are they fighting?

First up, the public interest in this will be high. We’re talking a lot of PPV purchases for people who still do that kind of thing.

A boxing legend vs an infamous YouTuber? There are a lot of people who want to see both of these men punched in the face.

Floyd Mayweather Pet Tiger Photo

There is also a conspiracy theory (and a believable one, at that) that Floyd is doing this match to avenge fellow boxer Nate Robinson.

Nate recently fought Jake Paul, Logan Paul’s slightly less handsome, significantly worse brother. Jake handily won that fight.

Is Floyd getting back at Jake by planning to humiliate Paul in the ring? Who knows, but it’s a popular theory.

Logan Paul on Insta
Photo via Instagram

Recently, Logan has been taking steps to clean up his image after years of misbehavior on YouTube culminated in him effectively being canceled after he filmed a suicide victim in Japan.

He publicly dated actress Chloe Bennet. He showed signs of mellowing out. Recently, he defended Harry Styles’ bold fashion statements with some common sense.

(Meanwhile, his brother Jake was allegedly seen looting for no reason this summer, and appears to be a COVID-19 denier. Absolute brainrot)

Floyd Mayweather is a notorious domestic abuser. This is not alleged — he has been to court many times for this, and he has pleaded guilty in court.

While it is unfortunate that our society allows abusive monsters to rake in millions and, you know, live their lives freely, we all know that we live in an unjust world.

Bizarre that we find ourselves rooting against all odds for Logan Paul, of all people, but given who he’s up against, we’d love to see him humiliate Floyd. But it’s wildly unlikely.