Christine Brown Can't Even Afford Christmas Presents for Her Kids

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This has what it has come to for Christine Brown:

The long-time Sister Wives star will not be buying very many Christmas present for her kids.

Christine Brown for Christmas

Due to the family's mounting financial problems?

Christine isn't saying as much, of course, but it's hard not to put two and two together here, you know?

During the cooking tutorial portion of a recent Facebook Live session, the mother of six revealed she “did not buy a lot of presents this year," elaborating as follows:

"This year I’m like, you know what, we’re going to do memories and that’s what it’s coming down to.

"I’m just so over presents so I did not buy a lot this year. Memories, a trip somewhere, that kind of a thing. Because it just gets old, you know."

Christine Brown Video Pic

We're not sure if Christine's children would agree with this assessment.

But their mom might not have much of a choice these days.

If you'll recall, her daughter needed back surgery early this autumn and Christine had to beg her fans for the money to help pay for it.

She has since turned to mascara sales and joined the celebrity platform Cameo as ways to try and make more money.

Christine Brown on Facebook

Kody and Christine’s youngest children -- Gwendlyn, 18, Ysabel, 17, and Truley, 10 -- live with her in Flagstaff, Arizona... while Aspyn, 25, Mykelti, 24, and Paedon, 22, live in other places.

Brown's admission here, meanwhile, comes amid constant chatter that she, her husband and her fellow spouses really are struggling financially.

The Sun previously reported on how Kody has transferred the couple's three-bedroom, three-bathroom home to Christine, to whom he is "spiritually" but not legally married.

Christine then took out a $394,000 loan under only her name for this residence.

Christine Brown Looks Unsure

She also revealed in August that she still owes $450,000 in medical bills from her daughter Truley’s past hospitalization.

In March, relatedly, Robyn and Kody applied for an emergency home loan, while various property records prove that Kody has committed $1.8 million to homes and properties in Arizona.

What does he have to show for it?

Not much.

Christine Brown and Kody Brown on Couch

The father of 18 hasn't even started to build anything at Coyote Pass, which is where he had planned to construct a huge mansion for the whole family.

The lot is just sitting unused at the moment, though.

It's a sunk cost.

Christine Brown on Facebook Live

In response, Christine is charging $35 for personalized video messages on Cameo.

She's been hustling on social media in recent months to make cash, as she holds multiple LuLaRoe clothing sales a week through Facebook.

The TLC personality also promotes LIV health products, mascara, Kendra Scott jewelry and Younique Beauty Box on Instagram.

Good for her, you know?

Christine Brown with a Smile

It's just too bad her children have to suffer as a result of all this.

We totally blame Kody for it.

How can anyone not?

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