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As Teen Mom 2 fans are very well aware, there’s currently no love lost between Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez.

Fans want to know why Chris even had Creed with her if it’s as bad as he claims. And his answer is … disgusting.

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Chris has been whining and moaning to anyone who will listen about what a nightmare Kail is supposed to be.

He says that she’s difficult at best to coparent with — and that this was the case before Creed, when they only shared one child.

Naturally, some fans have some questions for Chris if they’re going to believe him.

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One wants to know how Creed even came to be if Kailyn is as he describes.

"Why did you have another baby with [Kailyn] after it being so difficult to coparent with Lux?" one fan asked.

Unfortunately, Chris’ choice to answer with a joke did not go over well.

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"Stockholm syndrome…" Chris wrote on his Instagram Stories to answer the question.

(If you’re unfamiliar with what that means or want more info, we’ll have plenty below)

Following a series of three laughing emojis and a skull emoji, Chris then admitted: "I crack myself up sometimes."

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"This is not funny," a social media user commented when Chris’ joke came to light.

"This is really disgusting. I feel sorry for Lux & Creed," another expressed with sorrow.

"Umm you’re a grown adult talking about your child," observed yet another fan. "God help these kids."

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Kailyn and Chris have had a troubled and tumultuous relationship, to say the least.

Kail was arrested earlier this year for allegedly assaulting Chris after he had son Lux’s hair cut (I’d be pissed too, but violence is not the answer to that).

Additionally, she has a Protection From Abuse order against Chris — and alarming reports of him being violent with and around her have circulated for quite some time.

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"I used to feel like my side of the story needed to be told to keep facts right…" Chris wrote earlier this month.

He then continues by claiming: Now I don’t care what story you choose to believe."

Chris shared a quote that read: "My story is filled with broken pieces, bad decisions,and some ugly truths."

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We promised to explain Stockholm Syndrome and we will do just that.

Though the term has fallen out of favor with many due to its complicated and unscientific origins, it refers to a very real phenomenon called captor bonding.

It is a survival instinct in which people will begin to identify with and empathize with captors — such as people who kidnap or abuse them.

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You see this in domestic violence situations — children and partners who defend an abuser’s worse moments — but also in kidnapping survivors at times.

So what Chris was saying here with his "joke" is that he was psychologically brainwashed into hitting it raw with Kail again to produce Creed.

That’s just no way to talk about your children, jokingly or not. The dude is gross, but that’s nothing new.