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Anna Duggar had a reason to celebrate last week.

And also a reason to be really irritated.

Anna, Josh and Duggars

First, we’ll lead with the celebration… which centered around the following milestone:

Anna and Josh’s sixth child is now a full year old!

Along with a series of photos from Maryella’s birthday party, Anna penned the following caption over the weekend:

Little Maryella turned one last Friday! Can you believe it’s already been over a year since she arrived?!

Each day she gives us a thousand reasons to smile — we love you Maryella!

As you can see above and below, the precious toddler sat on a high chair for the occasion, which was decorated with pink and clear balloons and a banner which read "one."

Mayella also dug into on a small birthday cake as she grabbed small fistfuls of it and eating it.

Just as it should be for a brand new one-year old, right?!?

Anna surprised followers in early 2019 when she confirmed she was expecting again.

Because she already had five kids? Partly, yes.

But she’s a member of the Duggar family, where it’s simply expected that an immediate family consists of approximately one dozen children by the time all is said, done and fertilized.

But this news also came as a shock because Anna is married to Josh.

This is the same Josh who has admitted to molesting his own sisters and who has also admitted to cheating on his wife.

It’s maybe one thing to stay with someone such as this.

It’s another thing to want to keep procreating with him; to want to continue pumping out human beings with this person’s DNA, you know?

We really wish Anna was capable of making better decisions in life.

Anna and Josh Selfie

Fans around the globe, however, think Anna isn’t even done taking it raw from Josh and then dealing with the consequences.

Is Anna Duggar really pregnant again? With babym number-seven?

This question has been bouncing around social media of late… and you can tell Anna is sick of answering it.

Just consider the very short response she offered here when a total stranger broached this topic online:

However, it’s pretty clear that kids are not far from Anna’s mind and that she will one day welcome at least one more son or daughter.

"Are you giving birth all natural?" asked another follower earlier this month, which prompted Anna to reply:

"So far! I keep saying, ‘Next time I’m getting an epidural!’"

Ah, yes, next time.

Sadly, we all know there will be one.