Alexis Sharkey Was Definitely Murdered, Late Influencer's Mom Believes

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As previously reported, Alexis Sharkey is dead at the age of 26.

The popular Instagram influence was found dead (without any clothing covering her body) on the side of a road in West Houston.

Just tragic stuff all around.

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Police have opened an investigation into Sharkey's death, with only scant bits of information available at the moment.

All we really know right now is this:

Alexis was supposed to meet up with friends on Saturday, November 28 in order to watch some movies.

But after no one heard from her for several hours, and after Sharkey didn't share any new social media posts on Friday night ot Saturday morning, loved ones grew concerned.

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They eventually contacted local authorities, and a garbage truck driver sadly discovered Sharkey's corpse a short while later... just a few miles from her home.

What led to her passing?

Sharkey's mother, Stacey Robinault, doesn't know for certain.

But she told KPRC-TV that she's certain her daughter was murdered.

Alexis Sharkey

"We are completely wrecked," Robinault said. "The family is just so devastated -- her cousins, her sisters, her 13-year-old sister. It's just so difficult."

We truly can't imagine.

"The way in which she was found -- my child would never do that to herself," Robinault told KPRC.

"That doesn't even make sense. That is absolutely foul play. There is nothing to me that suggests that this was an accident.

"And there's nothing to me that suggests anything else, other than that this was done to her."

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Again, an investigation is underway.

Robinault, though, says her "my mother's gut" tells her that the social media star was the victim of a homicide.

A close friend, meanwhile, told a local ABC affiliate that the 26-year old had noted certain fears to her a month ago ... during their trip to Marfa, Texas.

"She confided in me that night ... she's petrified," this person said. "This girl is scared for her life."


As for Sharkey's husband, Tom?

He called Robinault on Saturday to report Alexis was missing.

On Facebook, after Sharkey was found dead, Tom wrote that he is "lost" due to losing Alexis, who he called "My one and only."

And yet... the state of Sharkey's marriage to Tom has since been called into question by friends and loved ones.

Alexis Sharkey, Husband

"Recently, she opened up to us about it and divorce was being filed," a friend told KHOU11, adding:

"She was a very private person. She didn’t share a lot about what was going on at home."

Sharkey was the oldest of three sisters and grew up in northwestern Pennsylvania. She graduated college with a biology degree and planned to apply to medical school.

But then her life went in a different direction after her number of followers on Instagram sky-rocketed.


"She loved what she did," Robinault says.

A GoFundMe campaign has been established to raise money for Alexis' memorial.

As of Monday night, $18,606 has been raised toward the campaign's $15,000 goal.

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