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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City made its debut on Wednesday night, introducing viewers to six women living a lavish lifestyle in Utah.

But let’s be honest right up front:

All attention at the moment is on one of the women in particular.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

We’re talking about Mary Cosby.

And we’re talking about this  Pentecostal First Lady because she has been married to her step-grandfather for 20 years.

"We were kind of, I would say, an arranged marriage," Cosby said on the premiere. "It was kind of in my grandma’s will for us to marry."

There really isn’t any part of that sentence that we don’t need explained in far more detail.

Mary Cosby

"She said if anything ever happens to me, Bobby, I want you to marry one of my girls because they’ll look out for you," said the husband/step-granddad, Robert Sr., before Mary said the two are "blessed because of it."

How so?

According to Mary’s Bravo bio… she had to marry her late grandmother’s second husband in order to inherit her family’s empire of churches, restaurants and other businesses.

The two have now been husband and wife for 21 years now and share a son.

As you might expect, Cosby’s family set-up was a major point of emphasis on this first-ever Real Housewives of Salt Lake City episode.

"I don’t give a shit if it’s your biological grandpa, step grandpa, shit’s weird," Mary’s costar, Jen Shah, remarked on air.

Added fellow colleague Heather Gay:

"I love my grandpas but I would not want to be married to them. And I’m Mormon, we have a lot of latitude for a lot of weird shit."

LOL, Heather.

Heather Gay

In her own confessional, Mary responded to criticism by shrugging it off.

"They’ll get over it. Just digest it."

With Mormonism at the center of this franchise, viewers bore witness on the premiere to a handful of unique living situations.

Shah, for instance, had to leave the church after marrying a Black man.

She then converted to Islam because it is more accepting of her husband and her children.

Jen Shah

Whitney Rose, meanwhile, was actually ex-communicated from the church after she and her now-husband Justin had a workplace affair while they were both married to other people.

After she got pregnant, they married in 2009, "in front of 50 people who didn’t want us together."

Rose explained she was basically Mormon royalty, as her fourth great grandfather was bodyguard to LDS originators Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.

"It is a very big deal I’m no longer Mormon," said Rose, who added most of their pals and relatives turned their backs on them for a decade.

Despite all the judgement, criticism and pain, though, Rose said it was worth it "because my life is so full."

Whitney Rose

Gay, Finally, is divorced and therefore sees herself as merely "Mormon-ish," despite coming from a very long line of Mormons.

"A good Mormon doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t have sex, doesn’t swear," she said on air.

"I’ve tried not to drink, smoke, swear, love rap music, love Black men, love homosexuals.

"All the things I love and gravitate to are not in alliance with a good Mormon woman."

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Wednesdays on Bravo.

What did you think of this premiere?